Over a Year's Worth of Trenchtown Marijuana Recalled

The recalled marijuana, harvested from November of 2021 to December of last year, was sold at Trenchtown and other dispensaries across Colorado.
The recalled marijuana, harvested from November of 2021 to December of last year, was sold at Trenchtown and other dispensaries across Colorado. Scott Lentz
Marijuana dating back to 2021 has been recalled from Trenchtown Cannabis, a longtime Denver dispensary and growing operation.

According to a January 5 health and safety notice from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, over 200 medical and recreational marijuana harvests from Trenchtown's grow were improperly tested or untested between November 2021 and December 2022 but still sold to customers. Another five harvest batches, one medical and four recreational, failed microbial testing but were also sold to customers, the MED says.

Trenchtown operates a medical and recreational dispensary at 734 Sheridan Boulevard, but the MED notes that the recalled products were sold statewide. Every batch of recalled Trenchtown flower has a medical cultivation license number (403-00840) or recreational cultivation license number (403R-00333) on the packaging.

The medical marijuana batch that failed microbial testing was an October harvest of MAC, while the recreational batches that failed microbial testing were October harvests of Crescendo, Crunchberry, Golden Goat and Rotten Rozay. The 200-plus harvests recalled for improper testing are listed on the MED recall.

"Consumers who have these affected products in their possession should destroy them or return them to the store from which they were purchased for proper disposal. Consumers who experience adverse health effects from consuming the product should seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the Marijuana Enforcement Division via the MED Reporting Form," the recall reads.

Open since 2009, Trenchtown is one of the city's oldest independent dispensaries. In an email to Westword, Trenchtown co-owner Daniel Diaz says that the marijuana flagged for improper testing was the result of a "clerical issue" that led to a testing validation dispute with the MED.

"Since the MED interpretation of a six-week validation schedule was different than ours, they invalidated every harvest batch as 'untested' for the last year, and we had to go through validation again," Diaz says, adding that Trenchtown recently completed an approved round of testing with the MED for over 250 marijuana samples.

"The MED has confirmed our Standard Operating Procedures for this, and we continue to operate business as usual," he says.

The Trenchtown recall was one of two marijuana recalls issued January 5 by the MED. A health and safety notice was also issued over potentially dangerous mold and yeast levels on a wholesale batch of Rainbow Belts flower from Jolet Ventures, the growing operation for 710 Labs. According to the MED, that recalled flower was sold at six dispensaries in the Denver area.
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