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Part of what makes Denver’s music scene remarkable is the connections between artists — which means continual collaboration and cross-promotion among hundreds of talented musicians. We asked some of the artists on this year’s Showcase lineup to name their favorite Denver band and tell us the reason for their choice. Here are some of their responses, along with the time and location of both bands’ sets on Saturday.

“We love ourselves some Gin Doctors [1:35 p.m., La Rumba]. Not only are they awesome guys, but they also know how to work a crowd like no one’s business. The only downside is that Tyler still owes me $20....”
— The Parlor Pickers (1:15 p.m., 100% de Agave)

“The Foodchain and Wheelchair Sports Camp [5:15 p.m., City Hall Amphitheatre] are my favorite bands because I appreciate the messages they deliver through their music. Such soul-filling, mind-fueling music, with passionate lyrics. Feels GOOD to listen to.”
— Koo Qua (4:35 p.m., Vinyl Rooftop)

“Oh, man, hardest question ever. There are just too many. The rock scene that is re-emerging in Denver is unreal. I feel like it has gotten to the point that if you go to a rock show in Denver, you will walk away with a new favorite band.”
— The Outfit (5:30 p.m., Bar Standard)

Church Fire [3:25 p.m., Stoney’s Main]! Because they bring fire to every performance. Honestly, when I see them play, I feel like I am seeing a band before they are super internationally famous. They are weird, edgy, dark, pretty, fun, and so many other good things!”
— Mirror Fears (1:50 p.m., City Hall Main)

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake [6:25 p.m., Bar Standard]. Dark, brooding indie pop with intelligent lyricism. We love how they use perfectly married lush guitar and synth over a driving and dark rhythmic bed. And, not to mention, they are some of the nicest people around.”
— Plume Varia (2:30 p.m., Stoney’s Main)
“As a group, we’ve discussed and decided that our favorite Denver group would have to be Stay Tuned [4 p.m., City Hall Cue Room] based on their incredible and unique hip-hop performance with corresponding video.”
— Diamond Boiz (12:55 p.m., Vinyl Rooftop)

“There are so many amazing options, so this is not an easy question. Denver’s Anthony Ruptak [4:55 p.m., 100% de Agave] is near and dear to us. He’s our favorite songwriter and always an exceptional performer. He’s also a pretty decent human overall.”
— Poet’s Row (4 p.m., 100% de Agave)

Rubedo [6:10 p.m., La Rumba]. They climb speaker cabinets, hang from ceilings, stand on drum sets, sing about love, and are loud.”
— Man Mantis (5:50 p.m., City Hall Cue Room)

“I can’t go a few days without putting on the Land Lines [6:10 p.m., Stoney’s Main] record, because it’s f-ing GOOD. And Natalie Tate [3:05 p.m., 100% de Agave] has sent me a few demos of her new stuff, and I’m really excited to hear that come together in the studio.”
— Porlolo (4:35 p.m., Stoney’s South)

“At present, Muscle Beach [3:05 p.m., Bannock Street Garage]. They’re fun, their riffs are killer, their arrangements are inventive, and they are genuinely really nice guys who enjoy what they do a great deal. It’s going to be a pleasure to share the stage with them.”
— MF Ruckus (4 p.m., Bannock Street Garage)

Muscle Beach [3:05 p.m., Bannock Street Garage]. They paid us to say it.”
— Joy Subtraction (3:40 p.m., Bar Standard)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.