A first look at "The Saga of Dirty Street Kids," The Pirate Signal's brand new video

If you didn't happen to catch this a few weekends ago at the Meadowlark, brace yourself: You are in for one hell of a treat. Gripping from the opening frames, this video for "The Saga of Dirty Street Kids" is a cut above everything else we've seen locally in recent memory.

Emotionally charged and violent, the arresting clip -- written, directed and produced by Randal Kirk II and Mark Davenport -- pivots on a literal narrative matching the title of the song. From behind a pulpit, backlit by brilliant light streaming through from stained glass windows, Yonnas Abraham relates the tale of (and eulogizes) SkAR, a graffitti writer who willfully tags over another crew's tags, prompting a death warrant to be issued by his rivals, resulting in his untimely demise at their hands and his friends' subsequent efforts to avenge him.


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