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Allegaeon gets picked up by Metal Blade Records, Cobalt gets nod on Stereogum

Looks like the metal world is continuing to turn its eyes on Colorado. Yet another homegrown metal act has been snapped up by a renown metal imprint. Last month, Allegaeon, who deals in extreme metal out of Fort Collins, inked a deal with Metal Blade Records. The iconic metal label is slated to release the band's next record, which is due sometime this spring. Like it's predecessor, 2008's self-titled EP, the new album is due to be produced by Dave Otero at his Flatline Audio studios. Catch Allegaeon this Saturday, January 9 at Road 34, and next Saturday, January 16 at Andrew's on Lincoln.

Cobalt, meanwhile, a homegrown black metal act that's been criminally overlooked, earned a nice nod in Stereogum's Top 30 Metal Albums of 2009 list. Actually, it's more than a nod. The outfit, led by Erik Wunder and Phil McSorely, a Staff Sergeant in the US Army who just finished a tour in Iraq, garnered the second slot behind Converge, which topped the list with its latest release, Axe to Fall. Coincidently -- or perhaps not, considering he has recorded nearly every noteworthy metal act to come out of Colorado, from Cephalic Carnage to Enemy Reign -- Gin, which was released last year on Profound Lore Records, was also recorded by Otero at Flatline.

MP3: "Dry Body," Cobalt MP3: "Arsonry," Cobalt

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