Barack Obama Post Speech Analysis

Alright, alright, admitedly, the headline of this post is a little misleading. By no means am I a political analyst, nor am I even going to pretend to be. I have my own thoughts on Barack Obama's speech, but I'm gonna go ahead and leave the analytical dissection to far more qualified talking heads like my man Keith Olbermann. I do know music, though, and I must say, the selection of tunes tonight at Invesco was rather curious. Obama made his historic entrance to "City of Blinding Lights" by U2 and exited to Brooks & Dunn's "Only In America," a track favored by George Bush during his re-election campaign. Coincidence? Uh-huh. Right. Did you see how well the rest of that thing was scripted? Not sure what prompted the Obama camp to choose the former number (it's not one of U2's most shining moments), but with the latter, I can only surmise that it was a subtle attempt to endear Obama to swing voters in the red states. Or no? -- Dave Herrera

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