Beyond Playlist: Dish - Ma Raison de Vivre Ton Amour

Ma Raison de Vivre Ton Amour
ROA Records

Filtering '60s pop and garage rock through filial rivalry and junkyard percussion, Roberto and Nathaniel Aguilar make heartfelt, heartsick indie rock that is clever without being cloying, dynamic without being deafening and poppy without being pablum. The wide-eyed optimism and ingenuity of the duo's minimalist love songs to life are both endearing and energizing. Elements of lo-fi rock, folk and even country mingle in well-constructed pop songs that fly beyond the limits of expectations. While there's enough sophistication and complexity to suggest an art school education, the earnestness and innocence that shine through on Ma Raison de Vivre Ton Amour (Your Love is My Reason to Live) suggest that school didn't do too much damage to the artists.

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