Drake's Bus doubles as his shiny white stallion

Drake is hip-hop's flaxen-haired knight without the flaxen hair, and this is one of his busses, presumably. There were two more busses behind the 7-11 -- not exactly fuel efficient, but when you know way too many people here right now, you've got to find a place to accommodate them.

This one, though, is the one we'll assume is the flagship vessel in the Drake fleet. It matches his aesthetic, but more than that, it affords us better fodder for unfounded bus-as-metaphor assumptions, which are after all the whole idea behind Our Van Could Be Your Life.

Most prominently, there's the squeaky-clean image to consider here. At similar points in their careers, Jay-Z was dealing coke and Drake was starring in Degrassi: The Next Generation. White for innocence.

There's also the matter of the blank slate. He is ambiguous and unitarian in his allegiance to just about everything -- a sheet of paper on which you may draw whatever you find attractive.

Honestly, we still feel the jury's out on Drake. On one hand, we want him to show he's capable of not just saying the first thing that comes into his head, regardless of how inane. On the other hand, maybe we need a new set of rules for gauging the quality of this stuff.

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