Reader: Grandoozy Not Returning in 2019? I'm Bummed!
Michael Emery Hecker

Reader: Grandoozy Not Returning in 2019? I'm Bummed!

Grandoozy, the ambitious new festival that debuted last September at Denver's Overland Park Golf Course, won't be back in 2019. Superfly, the organizer of some of the most popular music festivals in the U.S., including Outside Lands and Bonnaroo, announced on January 11 that Grandoozy would be taking a "hiatus."

"We feel a special connection to Denver and its people and intend to use this hiatus as an opportunity to create a festival that is even more unique, sustainable, and integrated into the region’s local and creative community," Superfly organizers said in a statement. "We’re proud of the world-class festival we delivered for a world-class city and are truly humbled by the praise and support Grandoozy received in its inaugural year from the fans, artists, vendors and the city of Denver."

Reader responses came fast, and sometimes furious.

Says Connie:

 I am so bummed! Loved Grandoozy!

Counters Sean: 

Good. I live right by that golf course and that was the most annoying weekend since I moved there. Buncha k-sniffing wooks running around in traffic for four days.

Replies Mitchell: 

I hope they take this time to figure out what will truly make this an expansive and enjoyable festival. The first year was great and all I saw when I was there was potential for the next great American festival. Looking forward to 2020.

Joshua turned the conversation from Grandoozy to fests in general: 

That was still one of the worst lineups I’ve ever seen for a festival. Bring better acts in 2020 and it will sell out quick. I meet so much Colorado fam at Forest every year. Denver needs a huge fest.

Recalls Erica: 

I miss the Mile High Music Festival that used to take place at Dick's in Commerce City. One of the greatest festivals I've ever gone to.

Says Nick: 

We need a badass rock/metal fest here!!!

Responds Summer:

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 I just wanna know when Riot Fest is gonna come back. Please...I need a good rock fest. Colorado in general would be great for a lot of different music fests; we have very eclectic people here. Give us MORE. Maybe away from Denver, because there are far too many people and things packed in there as it is.

Concludes Candice: 

Colorado, where music festivals come to die.

Keep reading for more on Grandoozy.

Reader: Grandoozy Not Returning in 2019? I'm Bummed!EXPAND
Danielle Lirette

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Reader: Grandoozy Not Returning in 2019? I'm Bummed!EXPAND
Danielle Lirette

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Reader: Grandoozy Not Returning in 2019? I'm Bummed!
Michael Emery Hecker

"What Grandoozy Brought to Denver"

Superfly has a contract with the city that runs through 2022, but it also allows the promoter to skip a year (or take a "hiatus," although plenty of readers debated whether that word applies after just one fest).

Denver's Office of Special Events says that the city is disappointed but hopes the festival will return. "While the City and County of Denver is disappointed that the Grandoozy festival will not return in 2019, we hope and expect it to return in 2020," says Office of Special Events spokeswoman Jill Thiare in a statement. "We look forward to seeing what new festival concepts Superfly develops during this hiatus."

Did you go to Grandoozy? What did you think? Would you like to see it back in 2020? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com.

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