Readers: Which Is More Annoying: John Denver or Juggalos?

Readers: Which Is More Annoying: John Denver or Juggalos?
Commemorating music legend John Denver's death, Westword's Michael Roberts weighed in with a rant titled "The Mega-Irritating John Denver Revival on the 20th Anniversary of His Death."

Roberts writes:

Twenty years ago today, on October 12, 1997, John Denver died when an experimental aircraft he was flying crashed into Monterey Bay off the coast of California. But even before this benchmark anniversary, the makings of a full-scale JD revival was under way, as exemplified by the prominent role his song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" plays in two major films currently unspooling at a multiplex near you. And speaking as a longtime resident of the city for which the man born Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. renamed himself, I find that irritating as fuck.

Readers jumped in, blasting Roberts for his attack on Denver and arguing the singer is way less irritating than Westword's juggalo stories.

Doug writes:
So...John Denver is annoying as fuck, yet the Gathering of Juggalos is the best thing since sliced bread? GTFO.
Naomi weighs in:
Of all the things in the world to focus on, you want to get irritated as fuck about a John Denver Revival?!! wow...smh.
David adds:
Go home Michael, you're drunk.
Craig points out:
Denver Westword’s writing of juggalos is far more annoying.
Here are a handful of Roberts's stories about John Denver:

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