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Katy Perry proves too hot for Sesame Street

Katy Perry is inappropriate for children. That's the message that went out today when the Sesame Workshop, who produce the long-running Sesame Street, announced they'd be nixing the pop tart's already completed guest appearance with Elmo. The reason? The video caused an uproar when it was prereleased on YouTube, thanks to Perry's provocative outfit and suggestive elements of the song. Really?

Okay, Perry is showing some serious cleavage, but the outfit isn't anything that you couldn't see walking down the street. And someone took issue with the fact Elmo is running around the hem of her dress? WTF? Dude's like two feet tall, where else is he going to run? If he was looking up her dress, well, that would be something else... but he's not. Not even a little bit.

Seems like a tempest in a teapot to us. If we weren't going to let our kids watch it, it wouldn't be because Perry's too "provocative" but because we prefer their musical tastes not be unduly influenced by an Auto Tuned pop tart's tacky dross. Just sayin'.

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