Modern Witch's Mario Zoots leaving Denver to join Kristy Fenton in Amsterdam this fall

Lots of rad stuff is happening in the world of Modern Witch, including Mario Zoots impending move from Denver to Amsterdam at the end of August. The group's creative fluidity has led to four sets of hands stirring the creative pot at times, but Zoots and partner Kristy Fenton, who has been in Amsterdam almost steadily for a few years now, have always been at the core of Modern Witch. The move will allow them to continue their artistic and personal lives together.

"I'm not sure if the move will be permanent or not," says Zoots, "But we plan to do a lot of new recordings and to play a couple shows together." This fall, the couple is taking Modern Witch on the road with a mini-tour planned around its appearance at the Drop Dead Festival in Berlin on September 1.

Last week, Modern Witch released the Sterling Crispin-created video for "Desire," which the band also just put out on vinyl via Berkley label Tundra Dubs. Modern Witch's next single, a split release of "In Your Eyes" and "Black Curtains," which the outfit successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign, is due out on the duo's own label, Drippy Bone Books this fall.

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