Moving Pictures: First look at I Am the Dot's "Love Song for Camus"

We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that the budget ($25) for I Am the Dot's new video was far less than what it cost Meese to create its fancy new video. Just the same, the clip "Love Song for Camus" is no less enthralling visually, which underscores the notion that creativity is still king.

In a nutshell, "Love Song for Camus" is, as I Am the Dot's Zach Tipton so accurately and succinctly summarizes on the Vimeo page where this clips lives -- the story of "Puzzlehead" (played by Tipton, we presume) dreaming of a way to find his missing piece. And the poignant tale (poignant because we know what it's like to be lonely) is told with pretty Christmas lights and stop animation. Looks like money well spent, Mr. Tipton.

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