The Muppets cover "Dust in the Wind." Here's five more songs we'd like to see 'em tackle.

You know the world is going to shit when the Muppets have to step up and offer commentary about something. In the case of this video, we have to admit, we agree with the underlying sentiments.

In case you haven't seen yet: Beaker's delicate and inspirational attempt at Kansas' "Dust in the Wind," is broken apart by internet commenter's criticizing his loving rendition. We've experienced the same thing during our own internet travels. So it's interesting to see it happen in faked live context, too. There is a certain amount of contempt and authority the hive mind of the internet have for anyone creating anything new or covering songs they love.

Browsing YouTube or forum threats you'll see far more "jus quiet teh mus" than, "I don't like this but keep on trying little buddy." That's all well and good, but every once and a while, we need some a Muppet to point out our own stupidity.

On a slightly different topic, this video along with the Muppets recently doing "Bohemian Rhapsody," as well as their pedigree for covering some great songs in the past has got us thinking about a few things, namely a few more songs we think the Muppets would make a great show of covering.

Here are five of those songs we'd like to see:

05. Beach Boys - "Wouldn't it Be Nice": For some reason we envision Kermit and Miss Piggy doing the chorus lines here.

04. Arcade Fire - "Wake Up": This song is associated in our heads with football now, which is not what we originally had in mind when we first heard it. Either way, we could go for a good old-fashioned rebranding of the track, especially if Big Bird is involved.

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03. Tom Waits - "Hold On":Tom Waits is one of those master song crafters that you either love or hate, but most won't argue with his great lyrics and often startling arrangements. This song won a fucking Grammy, which already puts it in the realm of possibility -- we'd elect Oscar the Grouch to take on vocal duty here.

02. Bruce Springsteen "Atlantic City": We nominate Fozzie Bear to take on and possibly spice up this tale of the working class.

01. T. Rex "Jeepster": We'd love to see this one performed by Statler and Waldorf for no particular reason other than we think it would be funny and weird.

What other songs do you think the Muppets should cover? While we're at it, here's a few others we dig...

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