The ten best concerts this weekend: October 5-7

Welcome to the weekend, amigos! Cold enough for you this morning? Yeah, we're feeling all sorts of brrrrrr over here. Only in Colorado can you go from eighty degrees to the thirties in the expanse of a couple of days. Alas, though, there's relief on the horizion, plenty of hot music this weekend to keep you warm and to melt the Front Range deep freeze that's set in. As always, we've got all of the shows listed in our concert calendar if you want to customize your own itinerary. Otherwise, keep reading to get the full rundown on the weekend's hottest shows.

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10. KELLY JOE PHELPS @ SOILED DOVE | SAT, 10/6/12 Kelly Joe Phelps began as just another kid locked in his bedroom hacking out Led Zeppelin riffs. He eventually broke free of the confines of hard rock to study classical guitar, delve into the free-jazz movement and discover a passion for blues-centric folk. This stylistic combination and an unwavering desire to play it his way in the face of commercial failure has garnered Phelps -- who's hailed as much for his distinctive finger-picking style as for his lyrical approach -- plenty of critical acclaim. To some degree, this leaves him in limbo. Although Phelps doesn't change styles as frequently as Britney changes wigs, he's done time as a purveyor of blues and folk, and, more recently, as a free-ranging, finger-picking, singer-songwriter coffeehouse type along the lines of Leo Kottke, with whom he's frequently compared. Somehow he manages to wrap it all together, even tossing a little jazz improvisation or the occasional rock lick into his repertoire of complex instrumental passages and intricately woven narratives.

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