The weekend's best dance music: Damian Lazarus, Robert Hood, Heidi and much more

There's an extra hour on Saturday night, and we're all going to need it for sure, because there's plenty of dancing to be done this weekend and plenty of folks to help provide the soundtrack, including Damian Lazarus, Robert Hood, Heidi, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Insideout and tons more. Keep reading to see what awaits you on this weekend's Dance Card.

DAMIAN LAZARUS @ JET HOTEL | SAT, 11/3/12 Damian Lazarus has plenty of experience in the music industry -- not just as an artist, but also as a writer and an A&R executive on the City Rockers label, where he helped sign some major talent. Lazarus, who's been searing dance floors around the world since he was invited to spin at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona in 2002, has both impeccable taste and a proven ability to read a crowd. In addition to playing live, he also puts together free (and very popular) Lazpod shows to keep the masses fed. His techno ranges from the house-influenced side of things to the extremely minimal, but whatever blend he's bringing, you can bet it'll be funky enough to raise the dead. He'll take over the Jet Hotel (yes, the entire thing) this Saturday with DJ MLE, Mental69, Greg Eversoul, Satori-C, Rod Sim and Sir Thomas. (8 p.m., 21+, $20 at the door)

Keep reading for more of the weekend's best dance bets.

DJ HEIDI @ NORAD | FRI, 11/2/12 Heidi is one of the few acts in recent years to rise to the upper echelon of the dance-music world through deejaying alone. While most DJs today initially make their names producing original tracks, Heidi secured her reputation as a top-notch jock with her infectious energy and obvious talent. She got her start while working at the noted London record shop Phonica, where she developed the skills and made the connections that continue to serve her well before moving to Berlin. That's where her career really took off, through an association with Patrick Bodmer and Phillip Jung of M.A.N.D.Y. The former host of BBC Radio 1's In New DJs We Trust continues to throw her Jackathon parties around the globe, exciting club-goers worldwide. (Appearing with Oona Slim and Steve Mangleson, 9 p.m., 21+, $10 and up.) -- Matt Miner

Keep reading for more of the weekend's best dance bets.

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DIA DE LOS MUERTOS ROBERT HOOD @ THE WERKS | SAT, 11/3/12 Considered the originator of minimal techno, Robert Hood is also regarded as one of the style's most influential producers and is a highly accomplished album artist. As an early member of the staunchly anti-mainstream Underground Resistance musicians' collective and record label (founded by Jeff Mills and Mad Mike Banks in the late-1980s), Hood helped reshape the sound of Detroit techno during its mid-1990s renaissance. Since 1994, he has released ten full-length records, including the soulful classic Nighttime World, Vol. 1, one of the finest electronic-music albums ever to come out of Detroit. Hood's latest full-length, Motor: Nighttime World, Vol. 3, surfaced last month to strong reviews. (Also appearing: iONik, Stefan B, Foster, Fonzie, Coult 45, Citrus and Paolo at the Mother Earth Sound System 10th anniversary bash, 10 p.m., 21+, $15-$20.) -- Miner

Keep reading for more of the weekend's best dance bets.

The Killabits headline Beta tonight, bringing the bass along with Mystical Influence and Thorazine; in the Beatport Lounge, Josh Manke, Devious D, Brian Bellas and Brent Fosdick will mix underground techno. (9 p.m., 18+ $20, 21+ $15)

The Infinite Monkey Theorem hosts another First Friday extravaganza with Ejay, Khalib and Dylan serving up downtempo, soul, funk, disco and house along with IMT's delectable wines. (5 p.m., 21+)

Vinyl presents a Dia de los Muertos Latin extravaganza tonight with DJs Cesar, Javi, Ricky Ricardo and Raul. (9 p.m., 18+, $5-$20)

Beta hosts DJ Dan with Cognition + T-Rav and Jontron on Saturday night for an evening packed with hip-shaking pleasure. (9 p.m., 18+ $20, 21+ $15)

Keep the spirit alive at the Dia de los Muertos after-party -- appropriately dubbed When You're Dead, and also featuring an appropriate minimal techno follow-up to Robert Hood's tunes: Insideout of Clink Recordings fame; Ctrl_Alt_Dlt out of Seattle will co-headline, and John Templeton, Travis Press, Brick Lee, Mike Robot, Tess and Willy Baggs will also dabble in the mix -- and best of all? It's free! Keep posted on the event Facebook page for information. (6 a.m., 21+, free)

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