Vinyl Courier, a new Front Range band.EXPAND
Vinyl Courier, a new Front Range band.
Tristan Collins

Hear It: Vinyl Courier Delivers Its Debut Single, "Tell Me"

Promising new Front Range indie-rock four-piece Vinyl Courier just released its debut single, "Tell Me," and will be dropping an EP in the weeks ahead. 

"Tell Me" is a sassy, desperate love song. The lyrics weave through longing and rage — the stuff of a relationship falling apart — but from beginning to end, there's plenty of upbeat dance-punk to move to, as well as words that will make you want to sing along. Despite the amorous angst, the song's pure fun.

"I was inspired by a friend's relationship," recalls Cassie Collins, the band's lead singer and primary songwriter. "The entirety of the song discusses the feelings of insecurity in a relationship, and feeling like you need to let it go. There's still this feeling of attachment, though. I heard my friend talking about his relationship, and I felt for him. I felt like the complexities of the emotions needed to be captured in a song. That's how I've always personally dealt with complex emotions."

The bandmates — Collins, guitarist Cal Fowler, bassist V Van Nostern Walsh and drummer Zach Marks — are all eighteen or younger, and met through School of Rock Littleton, where they honed their performance style.

"I’d say School of Rock was probably the biggest force that brought us together, and having the constant support of the staff and other students there really continuously motivates us to create our music," says Van Nostern Walsh. "It’s a really incredibly supportive community that has definitely made us into better people and musicians."

Since the stay-at-home order went into affect, Collins has been busy writing and sending demos to her band, trading ideas with her bandmates so that when the order is lifted, they can get back to making music. 

"We've been taking care of each other, checking in, doing group calls, all that kind of stuff," says Collins. "Once the quarantine is over, we're definitely going to be ready to come back with some new music and lots of energy."

Follow Vinyl Courier on Facebook for news about the band's upcoming EP. Hear "Tell Me" on Spotify

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