Concert Reviews

Zappa Plays Zappa at the Fox, 12/14


"Still, nothing sounds like that," Dweezil Zappa marveled after his band had made its way through "Who Are the Brain Police?" the feedback-laden, surreal anthem from the 1966 Mothers of Invention album Freak Out!. Dweezil and the rest of the Zappa Plays Zappa sextet were more than a third of the way through their live tribute to the music of Frank Zappa for a sold-out crowd at the Fox Theatre when he made this assertion. The band had already played tunes from more than a dozen Frank Zappa albums, a sampling that eloquently backed up Dweezil's observation about his father's music. There's still nothing that sounds like the music of Frank Zappa. There's still no style that melds classical rigor, jazz-based improvisation and rock and roll abandon in quite the same way.

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