303 Magazine comes up with a brilliant new concept: nudity

303 Magazine, the local glossy lifestyle mag known for pretentious fashion photo spreads chock full of nearly nude models, is supposedly going in a whole new direction for its August issue: pretentious fashion photo spreads chock full of COMPLETELY nude models.

According to the marketing mavericks at Denver Egotist, 303 Mag will debut its first annual "Gentlemen Issue" next week. As one can expect from the title, the publication will be chock full of celebrations of steak, beer and, yes, boobs. More precisely, 20 pages of boobs, all of which reportedly belong to nine "real, professional" Denver women.

We here at Westword are appalled by such licentiousness. We, for example, would never stoop to such degrading prurience to lure in readers. Shame on you, 303 Magazine!

What's that you say? Westword's website is jam-packed with gratuitous shots of T-and-A? Like here and here and, last but not least, here?

That's completely different. The women we're objectifying aren't professional at all.

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