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Reader: If You're Afraid of Dogs, Why Would You Be a Mailman?

Brandon Marshall
After Andrea Duran moved into a neighborhood close to Arvada's Olde Town in May 2015, she noticed problems with her mail deliveries. Her neighbors were having troubles, too. The problem? Their delivery person didn't seem to like dealing with their pets.  "He's really afraid of our dogs," Duran says, "even though he has never had to encounter them once, except for hearing them bark." Readers were quick to bite back. Says Steven: 
That mailman should be let go. If you have a debilitating phobia that is preventing you from meeting the minimum job requirements, then you’re done. Seek professional assistance.
Adds Nikki: 
If you’re afraid of dogs, why the hell would you decide to become a mailman? That’s like being a cop who’s afraid of guns or a doctor who’s afraid of needles. Wtf is wrong with people nowadays? Life is just too scary, I guess.
Comments Rob: 
Sounds like he should be in the back sorting mail/packages if he's that's scared. This is Colorado, bro. Everybody has a dog. Get over it or get out.
Concludes Jason:
Sack up and do your job.
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