Amelia Earhart, traffic and weather reporter, leaving 9News to fly around the world

KUSA 9News weather and traffic reporter Amelia Earhart, seen here in a photo illustration, has a famous namesake, and although she's not actually a descendant of the original Earhart -- a pilot who disappeared while trying to circumnavigate the globe in 1937 -- she's never shied away from the connection, both as an inspiration and as a way to drum up attention. Last August, Earhart announced her plans to re-create the first Amelia's trip, saying she'd be joined by another pilot, Arkansas businessman Patrick Carter, on a two-week, fourteen-stop flight, in a Pilatus PC-12.

The aircraft's manufacturer, along with Jeppesen and the Wings Over the Rockies museum, would sponsor the flight.

The story went national, landing in numerous newspapers as well as in People magazine, and scoring Earhart a segment on the Today show on August 2.

And this week, Earhart said on Facebook that the time has come to turn her dream into reality by leaving 9News: "Today, I make a major heading change," she wrote. "It's now time to go all in with my career in aviation, inspiration, and the Fly With Amelia Foundation. Now through June, my focus will be on flight training, planning, and preparation for the around the world flight. Beyond the global adventure, I have several opportunities to promote aviation, aerospace and the pursuit of passion and adventure.

"Just like flight itself, it is a calculated risk that I am willing to make," she continued. "My last day at 9News as a traffic reporter and weather forecaster will be April 11th. I will, however, be back occasionally on a fill-in basis. The amazing opportunities that I have had at 9News, the INCREDIBLE support from all of YOU, and the LOVE of my family and friends have all gone into this decision. Not a day goes by that I am not humbled by the encouragement towards this full throttle pursuit of passion!"

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