Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene pleads guilty, wants to look for work in New York and L.A.: reality-TV producers await with bated breath

As you can see by the Associated Press footage above, Balloon Boy parents Richard and Mayumi Heene weren't forced to do a perp walk when turning themselves in to Larimer County authorities, as their attorney, David Lane, had feared.

Instead, the process was orderly and low key, unlike pretty much everything else in this story -- and within the past hour, the Heenes entered guilty pleas as outlined by Lane yesterday. No sentencing yet, and still no mention of restitution for the dough law enforcement spent chasing down a silver balloon that didn't actually contain young Falcon Heene. But according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Judge Stephen Schapanski granted Richard's request to be allowed to travel to New York and California to seek work.

Well, if besmirched Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich can get hired to appear on a reality-TV show, why not this particular Dick?

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