Benjamin Janicki accused of licking, tickling vaginas of girls at Park Hill day care center

The arrest affidavit that's led to the arrest of Benjamin Janicki, nineteen, is a horror show for any parent -- or any human being with a functioning moral compass.

At this point, the Denver District Attorney's Office has charged Janicki with sexual assaults on three children -- and there may have been more.

A lot more.

The Benjamin Janicki arrest affidavit reports that the mother of a young girl who attends the Children's Center at Park Hill United Methodist Church was giving her daughter a bath when the girl "disclosed that her teacher known as 'Ben' licked and tickled her vagina."

That led to a followup discussion at the Denver Children's Advocacy Center. There, the girl said "she was inside the preschool classroom when her teacher known as 'Ben' licked her vagina with his tongue and tickled her vagina with his hand." She added that Ben hadn't stopped when she told him to -- and when she was presented with an anatomical drawing of a female, she circled the vaginal area.

An isolated incident? Not according to the Denver District Attorney's Office. DA spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough says that Janicki "has been charged with six felonies. The case we filed alleges three separate victims, and we've filed two counts related to each victim: charges of sexual assault on a child, and sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust."

And that may not be it. A mug shot of Janicki hasn't been released yet -- and Channel 7, quoting a report from the Colorado Department of Human Services, suggests that Janicki may have acknowledged doing similar things to as many as thirteen children. The station adds that fifty children may be interviewed.

Kimbrough can't confirm those numbers -- but she emphasizes that the investigation is continuing.

Janicki is in custody at the Denver Detention Center on a $650,000 bond. He's expected in Denver County Court at 10:30 a.m. Monday to be advised of the charges against him.

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