John Elway Is a "Big Fan" of Neil Gorsuch, He Says in Official Letter to U.S. Senate (2)
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John Elway Is a "Big Fan" of Neil Gorsuch, He Says in Official Letter to U.S. Senate

As if there was any doubt about conservative John Elway's position on Neil Gorsuch becoming the next Supreme Court Justice, he made things clear by sending a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee with a Broncos letterhead.

"Neil is a big Denver Broncos fan, and I can tell you that I'm a big fan of his," Elway writes.

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Dated on the first day of Gorsuch's confirmation hearings in Washington, D.C., the letter is just the latest political statement by the Hall of Famer and Broncos general manager. In November, Elway generated some controversy by appearing in TV ads announcing his positions on three ballot measures in Colorado — a move that had some Broncos fans wishing he would "just stick to football!"

But according to a Twitter post by Peter Marcus of the Colorado Springs Gazette, Elway is upping the ante, and he used the Broncos name to weigh in on national politics.

Shortly after Marcus's tweet, Broncos vice president of media relations Patrick Smyth sent out his own tweet distinguishing Elway's statement from the Broncos.

Below, you can read Elway's letter in its entirety:

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