John Elway doesn't need to take a selfie to push his political positions.
John Elway doesn't need to take a selfie to push his political positions.
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Reader: I Don't Care About John Elway's Political Positions. Stick to Football!

John Elway is now appearing in TV ads endorsing one of the state's ballot initiatives and denouncing two others — proposals to raise the minimum wage and provide universal health care in Colorado. But while readers appreciate the Hall of Fame quarterback's work as the team's general manager, most don't appreciate his involvement in politics. Says Paul: 

Anything he does for and with the Broncos I'm all for. But I don't care about, or care to hear about his politics. Just stick to football!!

Adds Frank: 

So an old rich white guy doesn't want universal health care, the minimum wage raised, or to protect the environment? Color me surprised.

Then there's this from Colin:

Elway can't have tax dollars being wasted on health care! He's going to need that money the next time the Broncos want a new stadium!

But Ryan has another take: 

This is painful to read. Is it really that difficult to have good writing on staff at Westword? Given WW is for some reason holding themselves out as journalists and members of the media, it would be nice to read a story like this and not walk away wondering, "wtf did I just waste minutes of my life reading?"

Read the original story about John Elway's political positions here.

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