Broncos Fans' Top Tweets About Russell Wilson's Prayer After Win Over Jags

Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson led a group of players in prayer after Denver's 21-17 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 30.
Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson led a group of players in prayer after Denver's 21-17 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 30. NFL/Photo by Michael Roberts
We don't know exactly what quarterback Russell Wilson said while leading a prayer circle after his Denver Broncos defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 21-17 on October 30 at Wembley Stadium in London, but we're confident God was thanked — a lot.

Prayers before and after games aren't a new thing for Wilson, the most Jesus-y Bronco since Tim Tebow — and he doesn't offer praise only after victories. Indeed, he was at the center of a prayer circle in the wake of Denver's agonizing loss to the Seattle Seahawks, his former team, last month. But during its broadcast of yesterday's game, ESPN focused on the ritual for several minutes before Wilson's on-air interview, during which he delivered more declarations of faith before dropping his overused "Let's ride" trademark line again.

The journey has been extraordinarily bumpy thus far. The Broncos were 2-5 going into the contest, thanks to a series of shortfalls almost entirely attributable to an offense whose ineptitude can only be measured on a cosmic scale. The scheme cooked up by first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett has been both unimaginative and inflexible, and Wilson's performances prior to Sunday regularly fell beneath the lowest conceivable bar even before he began to collect injuries like Halloween candy. Thanks to a stalwart defense, Denver has been in every game, but for the first seven weeks, the squad managed to repeatedly collapse rather than triumph.

The faceoff against the Jags looked like déjà vu all over again. As Broncos Country has witnessed so frequently, the team took a narrow lead into the final quarter only to give it up as the clock ticked toward zero; this time around, the Jags, led by running back Travis Etienne, who gouged the Broncos for 156 yards, scored a touchdown with just over three minutes remaining. But instead of flopping, Wilson and company pulled off a quasi-miracle thanks to a 49-yard lollipop to KJ Hamler, a Hamler reverse that took the team into the red zone, and a Latavius Murray plunge into pay dirt, followed by a clinching interception by K'Waun Williams that short-circuited promising young QB Trevor Lawrence's own comeback bid.

The win hardly rights the Broncos' ship, but it will likely prevent a sell-off during the upcoming bye week. Of course, Denver's already completed the weakest part of its schedule, making a run during the campaign's second half very unlikely. It'll take help from a much higher power for the franchise to reach the playoffs. Fortunately, Wilson seems to have a certain Big Guy on speed dial.

Wilson's prayer circle sparked a wide range of responses from followers on Twitter. Here are our picks for the twenty most memorable tweets — pro, con or somewhere in between.

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