Cannafit: The Fitbit for Stoners?

Join the Cannafit club and you could get high and get fit at the same time. That's the goal of the soon-to-launch website for Cannafit, which has been called the “Fitbit for Weed,” as it will keep track of your meals as well as the amount of THC you are consuming — or should be consuming — on any given day.

As co-founder and Cannafit president Jennifer Ford explains: “The dosage tracker helps you find the perfect dose and strain for your needs through accurate tracking of consumption and how it affected you, that day, with that specific dose. No other health and fitness tracker has integrated an individual’s marijuana use.”

Ford developed her passion for the positive and healthy effects of cannabis after working with cancer survivors and lymphedema patients as a complex decongestive therapist. Educating the marijuana consumer is not only responsible, she says, but necessary — especially when you're working with people with serious illnesses.

When it debuts in November, the platform will also feature 5,000 nutritionist-approved meals, some with cannabis-infused recipes, that focus on twelve types of health goals, for those with concerns including diabetes, weight loss and heart health. Ford believes that tracking all aspects of an individual's health — including caloric and cannabis intake — empowers them to understand how their body is working. “I want everyone to know that by using a tool like Cannafit, where they log and track their meals and activities, they have a 90 percent greater success rate than if they were to just wing it,” she says.

So far, Ford has limited access to the website to dispensaries (the official launch date and price to join the Cannafit club are still undetermined), but you can now request a demo and learn more at
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