COVID-19 Outbreaks Include a Walmart, Hobby Lobby and More

Walmart and Hobby Lobby outlets in Larimer County have been declared COVID-19 outbreak sites.
Walmart and Hobby Lobby outlets in Larimer County have been declared COVID-19 outbreak sites.
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COVID-19 outbreaks in Colorado continue to rise in tandem with case numbers and hospitalizations related to the novel coronavirus. The 32 new entries in the July 22 report from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment marks the most additions since May, surpassing the eye-popping numbers registered last week, and include the first Hobby Lobby store, along with a Walmart grocery store, a Target warehouse, a casino, a police station, a driver's license office and more.

The CDPHE considers a facility an outbreak after two or more COVID-19 cases among residents, staffers or the like are confirmed within a fourteen-day period, or two or more cases of respiratory illness with an onset of symptoms within a fourteen-day period are paired with at least one additional COVID-19 diagnosis.

Right now, the overall outbreak total in Colorado stands at 446, a significant leap over the 414 registered on July 15. So far, the highest weekly number came on May 20, when the CDPHE listed 43 new outbreaks; the state first started documenting outbreaks in mid-April, and while they'd been going down last month, they're definitely on the rise.

None of the latest outbreaks have been resolved thus far, and many of them are associated with what CDPHE executive director Jill Hunsaker Ryan described as "red zone" counties during a gubernatorial press conference on July 21. Leading the roster is Larimer County, with five new outbreaks, including the Hobby Lobby and Walmart (the chain's third site to make the list, not counting a distribution center), and El Paso County, with three — among them a brewery, a restaurant and a laboratory. Denver, Fremont, Adams and Douglas, also in the red zone, each have two new sites.

Other notable outbreaks have occurred at the Ameristar Casino in Gilpin County, a Target supply house in Pueblo County, the Boulder County Jail and the Colorado State Penitentiary in Cañon City, the City of Englewood Police Department, a Parker DMV,and the Mexican consulate in Denver.

Here are the latest additions, along with the date when the outbreak was identified:

1. All Copy Products, Active, Other, Photocopier Supplier, Denver County, 7/20/2020, 17 positive staff cases
2. Alpine Bank — Carbondale, Active, Office/indoor workspace, Garfield County, 7/18/2020, 3 positive staff cases
3. Ameristar Casinos, Active, Casino, Gilpin, 7/21/2020, 2 positive staff cases
4. Arrowhead Correctional Facility, Active, Prison/jail, Fremont County, 7/18/2020, 2 positive resident cases, 2 positive staff cases
5. Associates in Periodontics, Active, Healthcare, other, Dental Practice, Larimer County, 7/21/2020, 2 positive staff cases
6. Avant Garde Aleworks, Active, Restaurant, sit down, Larimer County, 7/16/2020, 3 positive staff cases
7. Binbilla Landscaping, Active, Other, Landscaping company, Pitkin County, 7/9/2020, 3 positive staff cases
8. Black Cat Restaurant, Active, Restaurant, sit down, Boulder County, 7/20/2020, 3 positive staff cases
9. Boulder County Jail, Active, Prison/jail, Boulder, 7/21/2020, 2 positive resident cases
10. City of Englewood Police Department, Active, Other, Government/law enforcement, Arapahoe County, 7/21/2020, 2 positive staff cases
11. City of Woodland Park, Active, Office/indoor workspace, Teller County, 7/20/2020, 2 positive staff cases, 2 probable staff cases
12. Colorado State Penitentiary, Active, Prison/jail, Fremont County, 7/15/2020, 24 positive resident cases, 7 positive staff cases
13. Consulate of Mexico, Active, Other, Consulate, Denver County, 7/13/2020, 2 positive staff cases
14. Crossfire LLC, Active, Other, Oil and Gas Company, La Plata County, 7/21/2020, 4 positive staff cases
15. Devil's Thumb Ranch, Active, Hotel/lodge/resort, Grand County, 7/16/2020, 2 positive staff cases
16. Elms Haven Center (020474), Active, Healthcare, skilled nursing facility, Adams County, 7/15/2020, 2 positive resident cases, 1 positive staff case
17. Golden Aluminum, Active, Other, Manufacturing, Weld County, 6/25/2020, 5 positive staff cases
18. Ground Control Concrete, Active, Other, Concrete company, Eagle County, 7/16/2020, 4 positive staff cases
19. Harvest Fresh, Active, Farm/dairy, Saguache County, 6/19/2020, 3 positive staff cases, 3 probable staff cases
20. Hobby Lobby, Active, Other, Retail, Larimer County, 7/21/2020, 2 positive staff cases
21. Parker Driver License Office, Active, Office/indoor workspace, Driver License Office, Douglas County, 7/17/2020, 5 positive staff cases
22. Pikes Peak Brewing, Active, Restaurant, other, Brewery & Light Appetizers, El Paso County, 7/14/2020, 2 positive staff cases
23. Pioneer Health Care Center (020256), Active, Healthcare, combined care, Otero County, 7/13/2020, 3 positive resident cases
24. Pueblo Chemical Agent — Destruction Pilot Plant, Active, Other, Chemical Depot, Pueblo County, 6/26/2020, 6 positive staff cases
25. Riverdale Rehab and Care Community of Brighton (020312), Active, Healthcare, skilled nursing facility,  Adams County, 7/20/2020, 2 positive resident cases, 1 positive staff case
26. Sedgwick County Memorial Nursing Home (020199), Active, Healthcare, skilled nursing facility, Sedgwick County, 7/20/2020, 4 positive resident cases, 3 positive staff cases
27. Super Nova, Active, Restaurant, sit down restaurant/bar, El Paso County, 7/14/2020, 3 positive staff cases
28. Target Distribution Warehouse, Active, Other, Distribution, Pueblo County, 7/16/2020, 3 positive staff cases
29. Tony's Restaurant Lounge, Active, Restaurant sit down, Larimer County, 7/21/2020, 3 positive staff cases
30. Walmart, Active, Grocery store, Larimer County, 7/21/2020, 3 positive staff cases
31. West Main Taproom and Grill, Active, Restaurant sit down, Douglas County, 7/13/2020, 4 positive staff cases
32. Westone Laboratories, Active, Office/indoor workspace, El Paso County, 7/15/2020, 2 positive staff cases

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.