Dan Maes targeted by robocalls saying he's quitting guv race, supporting Scott McInnis

Tom Tancredo may not believe Dan Maes is a viable candidate for governor -- but someone apparently does. Why else would Maes be the target of robocalls saying that he's abandoning his bid for the Republican nomination in order to support alleged plagiarist Scott McInnis? No wonder Maes's new spokesman, Nate Strauch, who previously spoke for Senate candidate Jane Norton, sees the attack as something of a backhanded compliment.

"The campaign was made aware of the calls last night," Strauch says. "We don't know how long they've been going on, but they seem to be pretty recent. And they seem to be centralized in El Paso County, from what we can tell, but also in the suburbs of Denver."

Thus far, the Maes camp hasn't managed to obtain audio from an actual call. But recipients report that "the call starts out saying, 'This is the Dan Maes campaign headquarters. We want you to know that Dan is dropping out of the race and supporting Scott McInnis,'" Strauch notes.

After learning about the calls, Maes's minions contacted the Secretary of State's office, where personnel suggested they file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General. They did so earlier today.

Does the existence of the robocalls prove that Maes is making progress in his quest to defeat McInnis in the August primary?

"100 percent," Strauch responds. "The thought behind them is that Dan Maes is now the frontrunner in this campaign -- someone who needs to be attacked and taken down. And that's a good place to be a little less than three weeks away from the vote. It's good to be in the driver's seat."

Even if someone is trying to run Maes off the road -- one he's undoubtedly traveled many times before.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.