Dear Stoner: Is It Legal to Sell Clones on Craigslist?

Dear Stoner: Is It Legal to Sell Clones on Craigslist?

Dear Stoner: What are some ways to make smoking less harsh? I only have a pipe right now and don’t know how to roll joints.

Dear Cliff: The first thing to do is check the quality of your pot. Anything full of nutrients or laced with mildew isn’t going to hit very smoothly, so try to learn more about the flower you buy. Second, buy a bong if you can afford one: Even elementary tokers know that dropping a few ice cubes in a bong stem makes the hit feel more mellow. Some smoke shops carry attachments with glycerin inside, basically creating an ice pack for you that will also add a few inches to your little friend (if you’re self-conscious about that sort of thing) — but they don’t come cheap.

If you’re too broke to upgrade from your pipe (which I assume is glass), take mild hits and buy a hemp wick to light your bowl with: The absence of butane should be a little easier on your throat. Keeping glassware in the freezer and then putting a flame to it will stress the glass and possibly crack it, so stay way from that. I had a friend who swore by putting ice cubes in his mouth before taking pipe hits — but he was basically a pot-smoking squirrel and now has a smile that makes him look like he’s been chewing on rocks. The choice is yours.

Dear Stoner: I recently saw an ad on Craigslist offering clones for sale. The post said it was perfectly legal, but I have some doubts. Is there some sort of gray area this guy is operating in?
Silent Bill

Dear Bill: No gray area: It’s definitely illegal. Selling marijuana products (clones included) to consumers anywhere outside of a state-approved dispensary is a big no-no in law enforcement’s eyes, and buying them can get you arrested as well. While some people still try to hide behind the “donation” strategy — in which someone gives you an amount of marijuana in return for your financial donation for the time, gas, electricity, etc. spent on growing and handing you some pot — this is still a shady practice. Most municipalities and counties in the metro area have cracked down on black-market pot donations that involve money, but there might be some wiggle room depending on where you live.

Besides, buying clones on the black market carries just as much risk to your grow as it does with the law. It’s a lot harder to call out some random douche from Craigslist for bad genetics or pollinating plants than a dispensary that issued you a sales receipt. If you aren’t on speaking terms with anyone with a mother plant who knows what they’re doing, look for a quality dispensary. I’ve heard great things from medical patients about Kind Love’s clones.

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