Dear Stoner: Who's Open After 7 P.M.?

Dear Stoner: My friend said his landlord has been giving him shit for smoking pot. WTF? It’s legal!

Dear Deb: It sure is, but that doesn’t protect renters who smoke pot in a house owned by someone else. It’s not uncommon to see no-smoking stipulations in leases, and they aren’t limited to just tobacco (though few are crafty enough to specify vaporizers or smoking in the back yard). Unless your friend’s landlord is persistent and lives close enough to spy, smoking pot there isn’t much different than smoking pot was in any rental house three and a half years ago, when it was still illegal.

Unfortunately, some Colorado landlords have figured out ways to ban marijuana possession despite pot being legal at the state level. According to real-estate website Zillow, a landlord can include a stipulation in a lease that bans federally illegal activities or substances, which would supersede any Colorado laws.

With all that in mind, your boy can either hide it the old-fashioned way or look into his lease and see what he can get away with. The back yard isn’t so bad during the summer, and guests might appreciate a smoke-free house.

Dear Stoner:
I live in Baker and my girlfriend lives in West Highland. We’re not the best at remembering to have enough weed on hand for our nightcap. I know Aurora’s open, but that’s too far.

Dear Hector: I find myself in the same situation at least once a month because of the 7 p.m.-closing rule in Denver. That's a better situation than running out in an illegal state and having a dealer with a strict no-call policy after 10 p.m., but it’s still a reasonable gripe. Although there’s nothing within walking distance, there are places closer than Aurora that sell pot after 7 p.m. Glendale dispensaries are open until midnight; depending on traffic on Alameda, you could get there in less than fifteen minutes from Baker.

If you’re staying with your girlfriend in the Highlands (or Northside, Highland — whatever you decide to call it) and need some herb after closing time, drive to Edgewater. There are at least a half-dozen dispensaries there that stay open until midnight, and it’s less than a ten-minute drive from West Highland at that time of night.

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