Denver on Good Morning America

Denver's spent decades trying to convince the rest of the country that everyone in this town doesn't walk around singing the tunes created by John Denver, a man who a) wasn't born in Denver (he hailed from Indiana) and b) wasn't born John Denver (his birth name was Henry Deutschendorf).

But this morning, when Good Morning America unveiled the window devoted to Denver on Times Square, the background music was "Rocky Mountain High."

Denver's also spent decades trying to convince people that the city isn't in the middle of the mountains -- but skiing is front and center in the window display, which cost Visit Denver $50,000 to create. At least the Ski Train, which is featured in the diarama, got a nice plug on the show. (For Kenny Be's look at the window, click here.)

Good thing Denver's not trying to convince the world that this is a city of snappy dressers. Because Mayor John Hickenlooper, who was on hand to cut the ribbon around the window and stuck around to talk with the GMA team, wore a Bill Cosby-like holiday sweater. (What happened to the holiday vest his mother made?)

Turn on Channel 7 -- fast -- to hear Hick's interview on the two-hour delay for GMA in Denver. -- Patricia Calhoun

An update! Hickenlooper just did a commendable job of plugging the city -- and it turns out that his sister knit his holiday sweater. So we'll forgive him leaving the vest back in Denver. This time.

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