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Denver Players prostitution ring: Denver Police release client records in heavily censored form

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In June, political observers wondered if Mayor Michael Hancock would be damaged by alleged links to the Denver Players prostitution ring. But the story petered out, and Denver Police's release of client lists and more, on view below, is unlikely to revive it, for reasons that frustrate Complete Colorado's Todd Shepherd, who broke the original story.

Complete Colorado's latest salvo, "The DP Scandal," (with "DP" representing Denver Players, Denver Police and the Denver Post) features a slew of documents shared by the cops, including a client list, a phone log and two collections of appointment sheets. In all, Shepherd counts approximately 1,300 names. However, they've been largely blacked out, as have all phone numbers with the exception of the last four digits.

The inclusion of these partial numbers is sometimes accompanied by handwritten initials -- and Shepherd urges anyone who recognizes a combination of initials and numbers to contact him. Without such a lucky break, however, it will likely be impossible to identify specific clients and determine if, as has long been rumored, they include politicians, sports stars and other members of the Denver elite.

That this material remains hidden clearly irritates Shepherd, who spends much of his article blasting the DPD for possibly covering up wrongdoing to protect powerful interests and the Post for losing interest in the topic despite editor Greg Moore's published claim that "we aren't finished with this story."

As for the documents themselves, they at least provide a window into a business whose illicit doings led to wrist slaps for its two main operators, Brenda Stewart and Scottie Ewing -- the source for most of the Hancock-related material.

Some clients are listed as a "VIP." Others entries feature the phrase "DO NOT BOOK." And there are plenty of notes about out-of-towners (Georgia, California, Wyoming, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania and New York are among the states represented) and individuals' predilections. Examples of the latter:

"Creepy, books multiple hours, multiple ladies;" "Allow extra 15 minutes for him to shower, aka Farmer B[expurgated];" "Tries to prolong the appointment, hagle [sic] down rates;" "Has a clothing fetish;" "Creepy rubberband man;" "Too aggressive and practically noone [sic] will see him;" "Black listed forever, from Boulder;" "Calls a LOT before actually booking;" "Sometimes a drama queen, gets too emotional about the girls he sees."

Are any of these folks Denver notables? At this point, the odds of us finding out appear to be shrinking. Here are the documents obtained by Complete Colorado:

Client List
Appointment Sheets 1
Appointment Sheets set 2
Phone Log

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