Gary Fielder: Read TSA lawsuit, see CO lawyer refuse body scanning and pat-down (VIDEO)

The controversy over airport body scanners and TSA pat-downs has plenty of Colorado touchstones, including Rocky Flats Gear, a line of underwear intended to protect your junk for radiation.

And then there's Colorado lawyer Gary Fielder, who's filed a lawsuit against the TSA on the issue -- and there's video proof this isn't a new issue for him, as you'll see below.

Fielder is no attorney-come-lately to the issue of security procedures. In January, as seen below, he used a hidden camera to record himself refusing to either submit to a body scan (because images of his naked body would wind up on a hard drive) or a pat-down (due to his discomfort with having a stranger run his hands up and down his arms and legs) while trying and failing to enter a local courthouse. The resulting clip has racked up respectable numbers on YouTube and is a centerpiece of his website,, which includes links to assorted 9/11-truth sites.

Regarding his suit against the TSA, which also names the Homeland Security department and its secretary, Janet Napolitano, he sets it up with the following manifesto:

Gary D. Fielder, in his individual capacity, brings this action under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America to enjoin certain agencies of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, namely, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY and TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, and its chief executive officers, respectively, from continuing to unreasonably search the people of the United States of America through the use of whole body imaging scanners and enhanced "pat down" procedures before boarding a commercial aircraft.

Currently, there are over 330 million citizens of the United States, none of whom have ever engaged in any terrorist activity onboard a commercial airliner, at any time or place on the planet Earth. Despite that fact, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY and TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION have turned their effort to "keep us safe," not on terrorists (who from time-to-time threaten the security of the nation), but on its people -- who throughout history have shown and established a collective spirit to care for itself and specifically not terrorize others in or outside of the country.

The terrorist's job is to terrorize the people -- to interfere with freedom in such a way that disrupts ordinary life and commerce. With due respect, it is clear that the above referenced governmental agencies are aiding the terrorists' objective to: fear monger, disrupt travel, cause great expense, pit the people against one another, restrict commerce, destroy our freedom, and (through the photographing and touching of our private areas) infuse the people with negative, and quite literally, radioactive energy.

Accordingly, it is with great sadness and much reservation that one citizen stand-up to the most powerful country in the world to ask that it be enjoined by this Honorable Court from unreasonably searching one of its own, when no reasonable and articulable basis exist to go beyond the use of conventional and time-tested methods of metal and contraband detection.

Here's Fielder's body-scan face-off, as well as his TSA suit in its entirety:

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