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Lauren Boebert's Eldest Son's Car Wreck Injured Friend, Led to Criminal Charges

The 2022 crash landed Tyler Boebert's friend in the hospital with a concussion and severely lacerated hand, which still gives him problems.
Representative Lauren Boebert with her son Tyler.
Representative Lauren Boebert with her son Tyler. Lauren Boebert/Instagram
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Like mother, like son.

On September 17, 2022, Representative Lauren Boebert's eldest son, Tyler, was issued a "careless driving causing bodily injury" ticket in connection with a late-night car crash in which he flipped his father's SUV into a Garfield County creek bed. Noble D'Amato, a nineteen-year-old friend of Tyler's who was riding shotgun, wound up hospitalized with multiple concussions and a severely lacerated hand.

"I still have problems with my hand," D'Amato says. "My thumb almost got cut off. It prevented me from getting a welding job, because I can't hold a TIG torch anymore. I'm a personal-care provider now."

The crash, which went down around 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, also led to D'Amato being charged with unlawful possession of a schedule IV controlled substance after he was found carrying unprescribed Xanax pills, according to the Colorado State Police. A "silver marijuana grinder w/small amount of marijuana" was also reported to have been found in D'Amato's backpack at the scene, earning him a drug paraphernalia charge.

Tyler, meanwhile, got a careless driving ticket and a summons to appear in court — with local prosecutors in Glenwood Springs later dropping his case down to a "defective vehicle for headlights" ticket following the acceptance of a plea deal, according to the Garfield County Court Clerk's Office.

Tyler's slap on the wrist included court-ordered driving school through Colorado's "Alive at 25" driver's awareness program and a mandatory review hearing scheduled for today, April 10, to make sure the soon-to-be father completed the course, the clerk's office says.

But according to D'Amato, the Boebert family has yet to take any real responsibility for the accident.

"The injury reported was superficial at best and was addressed by medical professionals out of caution," Boebert's office said in an April 4 statement supplied to Westword. The statement also said that "the incident involved two minors," which isn't correct: Although Tyler, who turned eighteen on March 21, was seventeen at the time of the accident, D'Amato was nineteen.

D'Amato calls the Boebert statement "bullshit," and suggests that Tyler's mother —  who has a laundry list of charges on her own record, including careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle for rolling her truck into a ditch in 2016 — was likely the one pushing to sweep everything under the rug.

"She's never liked me," D'Amato says. "But that doesn't give them the right to try and hide the fact that I was injured. They just don't give a fuck. It's the entire family."

D'Amato, who says he has no plans to take legal action against the Boeberts, points to a 2020 incident that saw Lauren Boebert accused of covering up an off-road accident in Moab "that nearly killed her sister-in-law" and also involved Tyler, according to the watchdog groups American Muckrakers PAC and

"It's just like she did in Moab," D'Amato says of Tyler's crash. "They've tried covering up stuff before."

But with Tyler Boebert's review hearing today, word of the incident has been leaking out, and a tipster connected Westword. Although an employee of the Garfield County Clerk's Office initially said that there "wasn't a story whatsoever" and suggested law enforcement had gotten the ticket wrong, Westword confirmed details of the accident through the Colorado State Patrol and the clerk's office. Since he was underage at the time, Tyler's information was redacted from the official report and case file, and wasn't made public until after he turned eighteen in March. His father, Jayson Boebert, is listed as the official owner of the black 2020 Ford Expedition that Tyler sent careening into the creek bed.

According to D'Amato, he and Tyler were on their way to "a little party thing" when the RV went off Garfield County Road 100 near the intersection of Garfield County Road 113.

Investigators say Tyler "failed to negotiate a left-hand curve in the roadway and traveled off of the right side of the roadway" before eventually "entering into a creek bed" and overturning "1/2 of a rotation." Tyler told police that he and D'Amato were on their way to a "gathering" and he was attempting to look at the "pin drop" on his phone when the crash occurred.
click to enlarge tyler boebert crash site Garfield County Colorado
The creek bed where Tyler Boebert and Noble D'Amato crashed.
Google Maps

"I was giving my friend a ride up to a campsite or something and was taking the corner too fast and before I noticed it was too late," Tyler told police. "I locked up the breaks [sic] and it slid across the gravel into the creek then tipped over. Side airbags deployed, and my friend cut his hand open and hit his head. We got out and a truck stopped by too [sic] help out. Another car came and brought us down to get service."

A diagram drawn by investigators and included in the crash report shows how the Expedition flipped over completely — leaving him and D'Amato upside down in the vehicle — when it landed in Cattle Creek in Glenwood Springs. According to D'Amato, Tyler was "stone cold sober" at the time.

"And he still fucking flipped us," he says. "That shows you how much he just doesn't care. He was driving so fucking fast."
click to enlarge tyler boebert car crash map
Colorado State Police

D'Amato continues: "I remember waking up with blood pouring out of my hand. I had put my hands up in the air to protect myself and got messed up really bad by the window or something. I was just glad to be alive."

According to the crash report, D'Amato was transported by ambulance to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs and then interviewed about what happened by authorities. It was during this bedside interview that officers observed him acting "impaired on a substance as eyes were dilated, speech was rapid [and] incoherent to slow [and] mumbling."

Cops say D'Amato admitted to taking "a bar," aka Xanax, earlier in the evening and claimed to have gotten it "from a Mexican at the skate park in Rifle." He insists that Tyler wasn't on anything at the time of the accident, and that only his ego led to Tyler's downfall. "It's the fame," D'Amato says. "He doesn't give a fuck."

In the months after the accident, D'Amato and Tyler drifted apart and became more "acquaintances" than friends. "I had a conversation with him recently," D'Amato says. "There's no hard feelings; he didn't mean to do me wrong. Of course, it did affect me and probably will for the rest of my life. But he didn't mean to. He really should watch what the fuck he's doing, though."

D'Amato adds, "Just because he's Lauren Boebert's kid doesn't mean he's a god."

Records show that Lauren Boebert, who was first elected to Congress in 2020 and fought off Adam Frisch in the 3rd Congressional District House race last November, has received a summons or been arrested at least four times in the past decade. The 2016 careless driving incident resulted in her being tossed in jail for approximately 100 minutes for failing to appear in court, according to the Denver Post. A plea deal later led to the careless driving charge being dropped and only the unsafe-vehicle charge stuck, according to records.

Boebert's record also includes a charge of disorderly conduct for verbal altercations and dog code violations related to the alleged harassment of a neighbor and her dogs. Jayson, meanwhile, was charged in 2004 for public indecency and lewd exposure for showing his penis to two women at the Fireside Lane bowling alley in Rifle.

“Lauren Boebert’s hypocrisy is clear — she thinks the law doesn’t apply to her,” Ashley Quenneville, campaign manager for Diane Mitsch Bush, her first Democratic opponent in the 3rd Congressional District, said in an August 2020 statement. “If Boebert can’t follow basic laws, how can Coloradans trust her to represent them with integrity as a member of Congress?”
click to enlarge Lauren Boebert family Christmas card
The Boebert family on a Christmas card.
Rep. Lauren Boebert/Twitter

Boebert critics have consistently called out the congresswoman for thrusting her personal life and family into the spotlight; in her 2022 book, My American Life, she discusses her husband's arrest and subsequent plea deal, which saw him admitting to the charge "instead of fighting for his innocence in court."

Boebert's office did not respond to multiple requests for comment about Tyler Boebert's case. The eighteen-year-old was recently the subject of widespread media attention after Lauren Boebert announced that he had gotten a teenage girl pregnant when he was seventeen.

"Obviously, I'm a Christian, and there are standards that we like to uphold, but none of us do it perfectly," Lauren proclaimed during a March 30 interview on The Rubin Report. "We can nitpick what the Bible says is right and wrong, but I think just having that heart posture of wanting to serve God, it's so important."

Looking back, D'Amato says he wants to forget about the "coverup" and crazy circumstances surrounding what happened that night. What matters most is that he's gotten off drugs and is working to be a better role model for his peers and younger friends.

"I was a bad influence on the young ones," D'Amato admits. "Now I'm working to get all my friends clean, because there's a lot of kids around here trying to feel okay or fit in. Tyler is a good kid. I certainly wish that he and the family could take responsibility for what he did, because I know he didn't mean to do it. It was an accident. But the fact that they're downplaying it like this is something else. Superficial injuries? I got multiple concussions. My thumb was almost cut off. I couldn't hold a torch. It prevented me from getting a welding job. So, yeah, harm was definitely done. But like I said, if it were up to [Tyler] fully — and he didn't have his mom affecting his mind so aggressively — he'd take responsibility and not act like it wasn't a big deal. But he's the son of Lauren Boebert. If I did what he did, I'd still be in jail."
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