The Rest of the Best
Kudos to you for another entertaining Best of Denver issue, and for your choice of Sinuhe Wallinheimo as "Best DU Hockey Player." He's an excellent goalie and entertaining to watch.

Your characterization of DU's season as "mediocre," however, was a bit confusing. The Pioneers were ranked in the top six or seven teams nationally virtually all year, and they kicked some serious butt in the first round of the NCAAs to get to the Final 8.

Although this might not compare much to their glory years of NCAA championships, it certainly signals DU's return to national prominence.

Alan Mavis
Colorado Springs

As a newcomer to Colorado, I find much of the information in the Best of Denver to be of great value, but I also think you've overlooked some of the more basic items of import in favor of your brevity.

As a lover of fine dining, I realized your foods section lacked some information I was hoping to acquire: most romantic restaurant, best view, best service, most unique ambience. So while I chuckled over the "Best Dessert Reference to Poop," I think your readers would appreciate some more useful information as well.

Ewan Sanko

This year's Best of Denver was the best ever! Every year I rush out to get the paper, and every year I am amazed to see that you can keep it up. I especially liked the "Best Pig-Out" category. Can't wait to try it! See you again next year.

Frankie Powell

For a newspaper that prides itself on its reporting, I just wish somebody down there would look a little deeper into the blues scene in Denver. You gave "Best Blues Band/Musician" to Sammy Mayfield. Sammy's keyboard player, Nathaniel Wright, has been dead for about three months--but, of course, you guys reported him as being in the band. Then you also gave "Best Blues Jam" to Billy Blues, which is closed. So you might want to tighten up your reporting a little bit, maybe look into the blues scene here in Denver. There are things going on. People do come and go, they die, clubs close, clubs open. Maybe you could actually send somebody out into the blues scene.

Hey, what a concept.
Name withheld on request

Editor's note: Hey, what about the 658 other items in the Best of Denver issue? The departure of Billy Blues caught our otherwise crack BOD staff napping; indeed, you can forget the last two words in the "closed for remodeling" sign in front of the Lakewood restaurant. The East Drive-In also shut its doors between the time it was picked as "Best Drive-in" and our date with the printing press. And while it's true that a member of Sammy Mayfield's band has passed on, Nathaniel Wright is alive and well; Marcus Jackson died in February.

Now on to the rest. Put a "south" in the Gaylord Street address of Preferred Image and Electrology, the "Best Place for a Hair-Raising Time." Although Pizza Colore no longer serves Italian D'Oro (distributed by Boyds, not Shamrock), it now brews an even better "Best Coffee Not in a Coffeehouse": Lavazza espresso, imported from Italy and distributed by Italco. Although Daniel Luna is also an artist, it's Bob Luna who is married to Martha Keating and collaborated with her on the "Best Interstate Art." Just down the street is the Romeo Block, "Best Historic Rehab (Small-Scale)"; while the project's still a winner, the real credit should go to Romeo Enterprises partners Larry Arbuthnot and Dave Fox.

A Complex Sentence
Regarding Eric Dexheimer's "An Incomplete Sentence," in the June 21 issue:
As a victim of incest, I only wish I could go through a couple of years of "therapy" to get rid of my life sentence.

I feel my bars in every aspect of my life. I hold my children and wonder what kind of mother I could have been. I watch my husband sleep and wonder what kind of wife I could have been. I look in the mirror and wonder what person I should have been. I have been handed my life sentence.

Concerning "medical castration," you do not need penile penetration to abuse.
To the people of Eagle Grove, Iowa, I have these words of advice: There is no devil in this life. The true source of evil in this world wears a human face. Consider yourselves lucky.


Eric Dexheimer's story about James Christensen raised some very intriguing questions. There are no easy answers. Perhaps it is true that he lived a clean life after his escape (although from everything I hear, it is not easy to identify a pedophile). And perhaps it is also true that the Colorado Parole Board has not given his case fair consideration.

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