Snitch, Snitch, Snitch
After reading Karen Bowers's article "Say Anything," in the July 26 issue, I had to ask myself why my tax dollars are being wasted keeping two pieces of shit like the Rodriguez brothers alive.

Steven Lee Hart

Women and Children Last
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Girl Crazy," in the July 26 issue:
It's really scary when you realize that those who follow James Dobson and his Focus on the Family are voters. So much for "Get Out the Vote" programs.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, was right when he said, "If you say something often enough and loud enough, you can get people to believe anything." Dobson would have loved to have worked with him.

It is truly written: "Beware of the odor of sanctity."
Fred Sage

Who died and made James Dobson God? In fact, why does Dobson think that his message has any meaning in China or any other country that is not founded on Judeo-Christian traditions--much less Focus on the Family's warped version of Christianity?

Sally Parkins

Your "friend" Dobson, like many of the Christian Coalition, is a part of America's idiot culture.

There is this theory that we have a rather unique gene pool in this country because we are for the most part immigrants or their descendants. And immigrants are people who left their origins because they couldn't get along with their neighbors for religious or political differences.

Many of these people were restless and couldn't meld with the growing population in their new country, but there was an outlet, an escape, and they traveled west. They were the pioneers.

The Christian Coalition reminds me of the early Puritans who burned women as witches or made them wear an "A" for sexual "misbehavior."

Our country is also a very young and consequently immature culture and the so-called Superpower on this very unstable planet of Homo sapiens. No wonder we live with this paranoia, uncertainty and frustration. We've created a complex, highly technical culture in which many do not fit, and they become a real problem in this society that no longer has real communities or healthy extended families. Even the nuclear family is fast disappearing.

Our politicians, policemen, religious orders, teachers and even physicians concentrate on symptoms only, not the root causes of these symptoms.

There is hope for the future, but it is a good distance away, and the worst is yet to come.

Hal Wolfe

No Cop Out
As a former battered woman, I, too, was stung by Robin Chotzinoff's July 19 "Beat Cop" story, but in a completely different way than J. Featherstone (Letters, August 2).

I'm glad that the reporters at Westword are not afraid to put together a complete story about such a vicious perpetrator who not only terrorized this petite woman but threatened anybody, including fellow officers, who tried to interfere. Chotzinoff also uncovered some serious defects in cop/domestic-violence cases: silence and coverup by fellow cops (i.e., the 911 call).

Domestic violence will never become a serious issue if we keep blaming the victim. The violence that permeated the Simpson-Brown relationship is not unique. I can still remember the day I became acquainted with the seamier side of that affair. The story took up a space about the size of a postage stamp; then I turned on my TV, and there he was, grinning and talking football with his co-anchors. I lost all respect for him and his cohorts on Monday Night Football. I never watched that program again.

Thanks to Westword, I'll be on the lookout for this hothead who doesn't think he did anything wrong. The slap on the wrist he received means he will be venting his anger and frustrations elsewhere, if you get my drift. For God's sake, Alex Woods knew this young woman worked in a "provocative" field when he started living with her--and furthermore, do you also advocate beating children and kicking the dog? They have a tendency to antagonize, too.

Martha Medrano

Some cops stink! There are some old-time veteran cops who are damn good at being cops, and I'm quite sure they would like to send a bunch of creeps from the force down you-know-what creek without a paddle.

These Johnny-come-latelies with their perfect records as cops make me want to puke. A good cop has had his ass chewed out at least once by Internal Affairs, because a good cop is human. That's more than I can say for some of these young and not-so-young creeps!

Charles Parisen

I wanted to voice my support of your recent article shedding light on the questionable behavior of local cops. Thank the universe that we live in a society where such behavior can be reported to the public. Hopefully, the public will act in a responsible manner and press the powers that be to hold these public servants to a code of behavior necessary to their appointments.

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