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But then, I'm not part of your demographic -- young, good-looking people who don't have a life. I'm a 65-year-old "rational individualist" who is about as close to being a conservative as is possible without actually being one. Until I happened upon the "controversy" in your pages, I didn't even notice the campaign except to appreciate the twins. But then, I don't drink, smoke or chase loose women (that last not by choice, but by lack of opportunity). I can't run as fast as I used to. And I do have a life.

Ray Thomas
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The wrong stuff: Michael Cohen's February 6 letter, regarding Julie Jargon's "The War Within," tries to make us think that he is some kind of "insider" who knows all about the military. Actually, his letter tells us all we need to know -- not about the military, but about him: He is not a soldier in any branch of the United States Armed Forces; he is not a cadet in any academy of the United States Armed Forces; and he has never set foot on the deck of an aircraft carrier. No honorably serving soldier or veteran would call a United States naval vessel a "floating whorehouse." No decent citizen, much less a soldier, would "spit on" those who defend us. The reality is that Mr. Cohen is so pathetically bitter that he can't believe that taxpayers will proudly pay for a "right stuff" fighter pilot's training even if she has nine months of downtime (gasp) in a twenty-year career. I'm sure Mr. Cohen has more downtime on his hands than nine months, but we'll never know, because he is NOT fighter pilot material -- or academy material, for that matter. What Mr. Cohen does have time to do is attempt to undermine this fighting nation's resolve with his traitorous whining.

J. Mitchell
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We Could Make Beautiful Music Together

On the case: Gotta agree with Laura Bond about the Rolling Stones coverage saturating Denver media (Backwash, February 6), but did she really have to take a reader to task for posing such a simple question? If promoting music outside the mainstream is her goal, couldn't that column space have been better utilized by touting this week's Neko Case show? How about touching on Denver native Corey Harris, back in town opening for David Gray? Is she really that bitter about the Stones?

Finally, what the hell is this "spoken word" promotion in Backwash? Isn't this supposed to be a music column? Is it that hard to fill a weekly music column with music content? Come on, now, she can do better. Hoping to see it soon.

Tom Nash
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Send in the clones: Wuz up wit dissin' da Insane Clown Posse wit dat wack-ass comic (At the Show, February 6)? Well, hah hah hah, now you gots a nation of juggalos comin' for your nuggets. Understand, mutherfackos? You've just called a clown jihad on j'alls asses.

Anyways, why's you gots to dis ICP? They the only quality music coming out now. Oh, wait, you guys are all into the "good" music, like Feminem (you'd never see da clownz singin' wit dat gay ass Elton John) or the Strokes (yeah, strokin' each others' dicks, I bet...) or the White Stripes (you get "white stripes" when you wipe the semen off yo pants after jerkin' off to a photo of ole' Marshall Mathers!).

So y'alls go listen to yo MTV, Rolling Stone, Spin-approved bullshit. Da juggalos (not "jugaloos," you illiterate rednex) will be keepin' it real. When the Seventh Joker's card is played, judgment will rain down on y'all like Faygo.

Dave "2Dope" Graham
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COMA dose: It's nice to see Laura Bond at so many Colorado Music Association meetings, and it pleases me to see that COMA is important, or at least interesting, enough to be mentioned so often in her column, most recently the January 23 Backwash. It may not always be flattering, but at least it's accurate. Still, I can't help but wish that one's accomplishments were as interesting and compelling to read as one's controversy.

The January 19 COMA meeting was rough, mostly because things are that way with COMA these days. The truth is that beneath what many have only seen as a cool and exciting organization lies much unfinished business. No one cares to consider the details of what keeps this organization going. Not only does it take a lot of time and energy to keep what most people have enjoyed about COMA so far, but the present board seeks to find and establish new and more meaningful ways to fulfill COMA's mission. The monthly meetings are awesome, and the panels are great, too, but this organization has the power to do more for the music community. That's why we are pursuing what needs to be done to strengthen and legitimize areas like committees, bar codes, the directory, etc.

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