Letters to the Editor

Kitty Litter

You've gone too fur: I love Westword and I read it every week, but I hated the cover of the December 25 Year in Review issue. I am a cat lover, and the gun to the cat's head was in poor taste!

Kay Whittle

Crossing the feline: What a distressing photo we found on the cover of your December 25 issue. We were shocked. If you did it to attract attention, it worked. What a wonderful photo to see right before Christmas. Have you people lost your sensibilities? We have noticed a lot of radical stuff in your paper in the last couple of years. Stuff that's meant to shock or disgust. If you are striving to be on the cutting edge, you are going over the edge as the most disgusting rag in Denver.

This is the last for us. You have lost two very longtime readers.

Jake Garns
via the Internet

Hide and seek: I enjoy Westword and have as sick of a sense of humor as they come -- I'm not easily offended. However, I frequently find the graphics on your cover offensive and tasteless. I am committed to raising my inquisitive four-year-old without a lot of censorship, but often find myself hiding the Westword cover because it encourages his fascination with violence and guns and because we're already inundated with images of busty, slutty women.

This issue with the gun to the cat was truly over the top. It doesn't even really go with the story -- and I find it pointless, humorless and disturbing. I'm not a cat nut or anything, but my five-year-old niece is, and she asked me with big, worried eyes why they were going to shoot the kitty.

I'm up for dark humor -- if it has a point! Do we need to encourage and portray violence for no reason?

Jenny McCready

Puss in bullets: Regarding your "cat in peril" cover, I don't remember reading anything about the mutilated cats being shot before, during or after said mutilations. So what's with the cover shot? Now, I'm no cat fan, and I'm all for hitting the indifferent public over the head with pressing current issues, but at least hit us over the head with an accurate blow.

Brendan Smiley

Copycat behavior: I just wanted to voice how disgusted I am about the picture on last week's cover. The cat is cute, but I feel with the gun pointing at the cat's head that the picture is promoting animal cruelty. People, especially the younger generation, tend to be easily influenced by the media. This photo is showing it's okay to put a gun to the cat's head. Then the other photo, on the Contents page, says it's okay to pull the trigger. I ask that you withdraw this photo from your newspaper and have an apology in the following issue. I am letting other animal lovers know about this photo. I will boycott your newspaper and let others know why until there is at least an apology and a statement saying your newspaper doesn't promote animal cruelty. Unless you do: Then just be silent, and we the public will know your position. Thank you for your consideration of the importance of this matter and your time.

Darlene Hanley
via the Internet

Cat woman: I live in the Denver area. I have not yet seen the cover of the December 25 issue -- I would hope there is no cat with a gun to its head. That would be so careless and irresponsible. I would be surprised if Westword is truly so insensitive. If there is a cat with a gun to its head, I hope there will be a big apology as soon as possible. Perhaps you should do an article on the overpopulation of cats and dogs and how 16,000 are put down each day due to not enough good homes for all of them. I receive rescue group e-mails, and they work so hard to save what they can -- often with their own money and hours and hours of selfless giving. They need help even getting people to help with transporting animals that people will adopt but are in another city or state. Every thoughtless picture or word can cause animals more abuse, and rescue groups are sensitive to this because they see the effects. They love these animals -- sadly, often when no one else does. It is a tragedy in this country that animals are not spayed and neutered to end the millions that are destroyed because there isn't a home for them. Education is desperately needed even to government officials, who all too often don't want to spend the money on animals, so the problem escalates. Please consider making it clear that your cover picture is not approval to harm any animal. Also, write on animal issues.

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