"Lil Doobie" Israel Maestas, Age 16, Charged as Adult in England Park Murder (22)

Update: Earlier this week, we told you about a double shooting at Westminster's England Park that left one man dead and another seriously wounded; see our previous coverage below. We noted that a juvenile had been taken into custody, and he's now being identified as Israel Maestas, a sixteen-year-old known as "Lil Doobie," after prosecutors decided to charge him as an adult with second-degree murder and more. Continue for photos, details and more.

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At approximately 3 p.m. on Friday, December 5, as we've reported, Westminster police were dispatched to England Park, near Raleigh Street and 72nd Avenue, on a report of a shooting. There, they found one man dead -- he's now been identified as Hector Castillo, 21 -- and another (Aaron Castillo, 25) seriously wounded.

Within hours, a juvenile had been taken into custody, but his name wasn't released owing to his age. However, that changed once 17th Judicial District DA Dave Young decided to charge Israel Maestas as an adult.

Maestas's Facebook page uses both his given moniker and his nickname, Lil Doobie. Included are a series of self-portraits, including this one....

...and this one.... ...and this one: No comments on the case are publicly viewable on Maestas's page. However, a friend of his posted this:
I love you brotherr i hope i see you somtime soon i know you were just defending your self fuck the system man he shoulda got self defense see you on the other side keep it G for m.
Young has accused Maestas of second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a defaced firearm, possession of a handgun by a juvenile and carrying a concealed weapon. The teen made his first court appearance yesterday, and according to 7News, he's being held on a $100,000 bond. His next court hearing is December 19. Until then, at least, the arrest affidavit will remain sealed and Young is offering no additional comments.

Continue to see our previous coverage of the murder at Westminster's England Park, including photos and video.

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