Manuel McGee allegedly got away with brutal rape for 3 years -- until his DNA betrayed him

The police-report description of a rape committed back in 2008 is incredibly horrific -- and so is the fact that no one was arrested for the crime for more than three years.

Now, however, a cold-case hit points the DNA finger of blame at 31-year-old Manuel McGee. How was he nabbed?

According to McGee's arrest warrant, on view below in its entirety, a woman was walking home at around 1:30 a.m. on July 8, 2008 -- and she got lost in the process. After strolling past the Pepsi Center and winding up near Invesco Field, a man approached her. She said she needed to get to Federal Boulevard, and he offered to help.

Although the help he intended was the kind no one would want.

En route to what she hoped was her destination of choice, the man reportedly tried to grab her hand several times. Once they arrived at a park, however, he went for another body part -- her neck, which he seized as he threw her to the ground. He then announced that he was "going to fuck her and kill her," the victim said.

The woman recalls being choked five or six times, to the point where she nearly lost consciousness. But she kept fighting throughout an ordeal during which the man ripped off her pants and underwear, pulled up her shirt and bra and raped her for an estimated thirty minutes.

Finally, the man got up, grabbed a wallet from her purse, and left.

The woman managed to make it home, and after showering, she was taken by a friend to a nearby hospital. Later, she told her tale to police officers, who then sought out the crime scene -- a task complicated by the fact that the woman wasn't entirely sure where she'd been. But a detective traced a path outlined by the victim on Google Earth and subsequently found the pair of underwear she'd described, along with several used condoms. The rape kit also showed DNA, which was entered into the Combined DNA Index System, better known as CODIS.

More than three years passed without a lead. But on October 21, officers were informed of a DNA match with McGee, who had been busted for aggravated motor vehicle theft in Lakewood. Shortly thereafter, the victim was shown a photo lineup that included McGee's mug, and she made it clear that she had not engaged in consensual sex with any of the men pictured.

The result? McGee now stands accused of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of sexual assault and one count of unlawful sexual contact with force. On November 4, he'll be taken from his cell at the Cross Bar Hotel, where he's being held on $250,000 bond, to court, where he'll be formally advised of the charges against him.

Which were a long time in coming. Look below to see a larger version of McGee's mug shot and the arrest warrant.

Manuel McGee Arrest Affidavit

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