Marijuana edibles reviews: Sarah's Medicated Teas give a little high from a little pouch

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Sarah's Medicated Teas, available in single and triple strengths, are a soothing blend of herbs and ganja wrapped up in little pouches ready to enjoy hot or cold.

They are an easy and discrete treat for any patient looking for a little relief and make for a great winter time warmup for your body and your head.

Sarah's Teas are a product distributed by Garden of the God's Wellness out of Colorado Springs and advertise a blend of natural ingredients, including 100 percent premium loose-leaf tea and hash kief. The single strength offers one-third gram of hash kief, while the triple strength offers a full gram. There are eighteen flavors available, including; Gunpowder Green, Chai, Orange Cinnamon, Peach and Sweet Tea. Pricing varies with strength and sometimes dispensary, but a single tea bag goes for anywhere from $2 to $7.

My most recent adventure with Sarah's Teas was with the triple-strength chamomile tea. It was a hybrid blend and the even buzz made for a perfectly snowy morning. After boiling some water and rolling an emergency doobie (you know, in case the tea didn't work), I threw the tea and water in my snowman mug. There was no seeping time suggested, so I figured the longer, the stronger and kept the bag in until the mug was empty.

The taste was absolutely tea-tastic. The kief offers a familiar herby taste, with the blend of chamomile and rose that working together to calm the throat and create that relieving "ah" moment right after swallowing.

After the last gulp, I felt warmth flow throughout my entire body, like being hugged with comfort; though I wasn't sure if that was the boiling hot water I drank or the kief tingling my nerves. After fifteen minutes, I realized I wasn't going to be feeling much and broke down and smoked my emergency doobie to kick-start things. The high that followed lasted a little over an hour, but was nothing amazing -- just a mild head high, tingly fingers and a few giggles. Though it's not a potent high, the tea does make for a good wake-n-bake, leaving you in a slight haze but still able to function for the morning.

The biggest downfall with these teas is their availability. A list of dispensaries that carry the product can be found at mmjfam.com. Unless you're in Colorado Springs, where a ton of dispensaries offer the treat, there are only three locations listed for Denver and two for Boulder -- and even then, we recommend calling to make sure they are stocked.

Its packaging claims that Sarah's Medicated Teas are "the perfect way to medicate without smoking." Maybe, if you're used to not medicating very strongly. But then again, sometimes a light edible buzz is all you need in the morning and Sarah's is ideal for those times.

Sensi Skywalker is the pot pen name chosen by our medical marijuana intern. Read more from her in our marijuana blog, Mile Highs and Lows, and keep up with all your pot news over at target="_blank">The Latest Word.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.