Marijuana for free on Craigslist? Maybe with a donation -- or as a bonus for another purchase

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This weekend, CBS4 reported about marijuana being advertised for free on Craigslist in exchange for donations or other offers, and questioned whether the practice was legal under Amendment 64; see the video below. But the folks behind 4 Strains Pipe & Tobacco are confident they're doing nothing wrong in offering a small amount of cannabis as a bonus to folks purchasing other merchandise.

One of the main Craigslist posts featured on the CBS4 report spotlighted "Bud's Worm Farm," which provided an eighth of marijuana in exchange for paid sponsorship of one hundred red wiggler worms.

As of this writing, that item is no longer listed, but another spotlighted by the station remains up. The ad, entitled "Fresh and Cured Hash," includes numerous photos, including this one....

...and text asking "$60 gram for BHO and $40g for Full melt." However, the items are not for sale. "I ask donations for my time, energy, the ability to grow the plant, then make oils, the cost of butane and ice for hash," it reads. Another section announces that the deal is "Amendment 64 & 20 compliant."

Some recent ads have offered free marijuana but a delivery charge of roughly the amount for which the cannabis might be sold at local dispensaries. But donations seem to be the most popular current approach -- like an ad headlined, "Donate today and receive free MJ with free delivery!" Underneath this photo....

...is copy that references one of A64's main proponents. It reads:

Mason Tvert once said, "There's no doubt that if people choose to use marijuana instead of alcohol we would not have the same number of problems."

We agree 100%. That is why we are now accepting supporting donations which go to support marijuana law reform and as a gesture of our gratitude you will receive free marijuana (amount received depends on amount donated). All you need to do is call 720-204-3127. Send a text message to the same number for faster response!

Donate $30 and receive a free 1/8! Donate $60 and receive a free 1/4!

We are fully Amendment 64 compliant! You absolutely MUST be 21 years of age or older and have valid government-issued identification!

Arguably the most frequent Craigslist marijuana advertiser, though, is 4 Strains.

Continue to learn more about 4 Strains and see the CBS4 video. The shop's Craigslist posts use this graphic:

The text on the most recent one reads in part:




4 Strains is run by Mike Paulk and Felicia L. According to Paulk, "We're not a center; we're two caregivers. We've been operating for almost three years. We started out just being caregivers and selling extra to centers. But in 2010, when they legislated caregivers out of being able to sell to medical marijuana centers, we kept our patients -- we've had some of them assigned to us for two or three years -- and went on Craigslist."

This approach has been a success. "We've built from a garage to a 5,000 square foot building with a certificate of occupancy and a business license -- we're totally legit," Paulk points out. Moreover, their attorney tells them that the current giveaway is just fine under the provisions of Amendment 64 that have already taken effect.

"If you read about the amendment in the voter-information packet that was sent to the public in 2012, the things about personal use and possession section are in place," he allows. "Like the part where it states you can assist somebody in cultivating it as long as there's no remuneration. So what we're doing is offering people what they want anyway just to get them to come into our store to buy pipes, T-shirts and other things we have for sale.

"We have a medical marijuana space, but we keep it separate from the pipe-and-tobacco space," he adds.

Felicia stresses that "we're really not making any money" from the two-gram giveaway.... What we're selling is smoking accessories."

Nonetheless, the promotion appears to be working. Paulk describes the response thus far as "incredibly positive. We've had people from all over the United States coming through -- from Chicago, Florida, North Dakota, Wyoming, California, and people with red cards coming in from all over the state. We've probably seen 200-plus people in the last month."

"We just wanted to really step up to the plate and celebrate the fact that we're making baby steps toward this being totally and completely legal," Felecia says. "It's been very peaceful -- just wonderful so far."

Here's the aforementioned CBS4 report.

More from our Marijuana archive: "Amendment 64 Task Force: Recommendations made and pending, meeting schedule update."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.