Marijuana Strain Review: Grizzly Kush at Ganja Gourmet

Was I just suddenly noticing spots I’d never seen before — or did more than a few recreational pot shops open up in the last month, right before last week’s pot-tax holiday? Every year, the shopping stampedes on Black Friday remind us how much Americans love a good deal, but the shrewd capitalism and competition displayed by the industry leading up to marijuana’s sales frenzy was particularly impressive. Dispensary chains like Starbuds, the Green Solution and Native Roots all opened new stores in hopes of pushing those locations to a fast start — but they weren’t the only ones. Ganja Gourmet, which used to double as a medical marijuana restaurant before consumption laws crushed its dream, started recreational sales, too. Curious if the buds were as flavorful as its former dishes, I stopped by 1810 South Broadway.

Once inside, I was quickly informed that all of the flower currently on the shelf was purchased wholesale from Ganja Gourmet’s sister dispensary, Cross Genetics. That could be why the prices were a little steep, with everything on the top shelf priced at $20 per gram after tax. All of the jars shared the same spicy-funk smell reminiscent of U.K. Cheese, so I went with the budtender’s recommendation of Grizzly Kush — an indica-leaning hybrid geared more toward relaxation than unconsciousness. It sounded like the perfect indulgence after an early dinner.

Nearly incapable of moving after a plate of chicken fajitas, I planted myself in the back yard to inspect the Grizzly while waiting for the impending food coma. The three grape-sized buds had a nuclear glow to them, and I was impressed by the lack of hairs on the calyxes, finding instead a sheet of amber trichomes waiting to combust. As I popped open the bottle, spicy smells overpowered my nostrils, and breaking the nugs up produced a bitter, funky sweetness — like a plate of cranberries and cream cheese. A joint was definitely the way to go if the Grizzly tasted as complex as it smelled.

Every puff started out a bit too peppery for my taste, but the cheese and fruit flavors stuck around the sides of my tongue long after. Dry buds made the burn harsh at the beginning, but it mellowed out quickly and settled my stretched stomach as I enjoyed another beautiful Colorado sunset. My body was in a state of full relaxation — which isn’t always easy to achieve in a torn lawn chair — and it was hard to think of anywhere I would rather be digesting another gluttonous meal than in front of the Rocky Mountains. At $20 per gram, I don’t know if the Grizzly Kush reached gourmet level for a main course, but it was perfect for dessert.

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