Medical marijuana dispensary review: Colorado Care Facility on Colfax

I've been eyeing the CCF sign on Colfax for years now. It's one of the most prominent MMJ signs on Colfax, while at the same time being relatively modest. Just three big letters on an old neon marquee. I always assumed the sign was probably the best part about the otherwise discount-looking shop.

Colorado Care Facility

5130 E. Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80220 303-953-8503

Hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. Online menu: Yes. Other types of medicine: Hash, edibles, tincture. Handicap-accessible?: Yes.

I stopped in late for my visit, and with about thirty minutes left until closing time, the shop was overflowing with customers. I handed over my paperwork to younger guy behind the safety glass in the waiting room and filled out patient forms that had been photocopied almost to the point of being unreadable. The waiting room wasn't anything special, with several cannabis posters from Culture on the wall and a few spots for patients to cop a squat and read a Westword or Kush magazine while waiting in line.

After the patients ahead of me finished up, I was led back by the same dude who took my paperwork; he began explaining the shop and giving me a brief tour of what CCF had to offer. Another employee, an older guy I presumed to be the owner (since there were pictures of him holding up trophy fish all over the shop), was helping out an older woman decide between Sour Kush or some other strain.

The shop is small, with glass, aluminum and wooden cabinets forming an L-shaped countertop that takes up most of the bud bar. It's a clean space, well-lit and relaxing, with small stools for patients to pull up while taking a look at the buds. The center maintains a simple, mom and pop-ish feel.

My budtender turned out to be a complete weed nerd who knew his strains backward and forward, rattling off genetics and suggesting effects like it was his job -- which is good, since it is. We went over how the shop uses a coco medium and Canna nutrients in its grow and efforts to build up the top shelf. Currently, the center caps everything at $35 an eighth, tax not included. Then it's a step down to $30 eighths and $20 eighths -- some of the lowest regular prices around, for sure.

The budtender was honest about CCF's quality breakdown. The top shelf held the best buds, and the quality difference between that shelf and the lower two was certainly noticeable. While opening up jars of the top shelf strains, such as the Glass Slipper, Sweet Sweet and Tangerine Haze, put a bubble of deliciousness around my nose, while things like the Bubba and Sour OG on the middle shelf lacked any smell whatsoever. The bottom shelf was a mix of premature, small buds like the hay-like Bruce Banner and mediocre Sour Willy. Of course, these were $20 for an eighth of meds, and the patient in front of me said that's all she purchases.

Edibles and concentrates are kept in separate parts of the counter from the herb. Colorado Care Facility doesn't have an MIP, so edibles were all from off-site bakeries. Same goes for the selection of $35-per-gram BHO.

It's really a no-frills shop with no-frills weed. Not to say strains like the Sweet Sweet, Tangerine Haze and borderline-rotten smelling (in a good way) Widow Wreck weren't quality buds. But most of CCF's stock seemed geared toward the discount market. In all, it was a short and uncomplicated visit and I have a feeling that is how most of the transactions tend to be. With signs out on Colfax advertising such inexpensive herb, the folks at the Facility are clearly not above luring in the value shopper.

No big deal for first-time patients, but the prices were low enough that I walked out with a half-gram of BHO and four-gram eighth of herb for around $48 after tax.

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