MMJ review: Twirling Hippy confections taste great but only provide an average high

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What started with the sharing of green treats in the tailgate parking lots of concerts has quickly grown into one of Colorado's most delectable marijuana edible companies. The Cheesecake Lady, aka Jessica LeRoux, has made her name in the ganja world with the magnificent morsels she creates in her kitchen.

LeRoux owns Twirling Hippy Confections, LLC and provides her medicine to dispensaries all over the state. A full menu can be found on the Twirling Hippy website, along with more than retail locations and their contact information. Most treats range from $5 to $10, and all of the treats are made with fresh, whole, non-processed ingredients and a blend of 55 percent sativa and 45 percent indica strains.

"You should be able to easily read aloud any ingredient on a label if you are going to attain health benefits from eating it," LeRoux writes on Twirling Hippy's website. "A delicious dessert should be a delight and a reward, bringing a smile to a patient's day, not a choke it down chore in order to medicate. If it doesn't taste absolutely awesome, my picture isn't on top! We don't make excuses, we make medicine."

The Paradise Peach cheesecake was not only a casual day high, but was the greatest tasting edible I've ever had. I was reminded of my first crème brûlée I had while visiting Paris. Every ingredient tasted fresh and natural. Every flavor seemed to complement and melt into each other, creating the sweetest, most mouthwatering sensation on the tongue. There was 60mg of active THC in the cheesecake, but the only difficulty was finding the right dosage. The packaging recommends one to four servings, so chances are you'll be playing the wait-and-see game until the ganja takes effect to see how medicated you've become. I munched down a little over half the cheesecake at first, but finished it off within the next hour and a half to give the floating high a boost.

I'm not a fan of nuts with my chocolate so I didn't have high hopes for the chocolate turtle, dubbed a Terrapin. But somehow I thoroughly enjoyed pecans for a good five minutes. The caramel tied the chocolate and pecans together like tasty, sticky glue and offered sweetness to the rich chocolate and fresh tasting pecans. The Terrapin packed 50mg of active THC. I ate about three quarters of the treat and was rewarded with a mellow high for two hours that faded quickly. I finished off the last few bites of the treat with a blunt to ensure a nice buzz.

Both treats were by far the best tasting medicated edibles I've ever had. But they were also some of the most average-medicating edibles, too. LeRoux has said in the past that her treats aren't meant to zonk people out, but next time I decide to indulge, I will make sure to eat the entire edible right off the bat. Even if it takes a few tries to learn your proper dosage, these treats were worth it for their taste alone.

Sensi Skywalker is the pot pen name chosen by our medical marijuana intern. Read more from her in our marijuana blog, Mile Highs and Lows, and keep up with all your pot news over at The Latest Word.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.