Paul Della Rosa, Denver deputy, busted after pukey hot tub party with fourteen year old girls

The photos of three teenage girls on the Facebook page belonging to Paul Della Rosa, a veteran deputy with the Denver Sheriff's Department, may be perfectly innocent. They could feature family members (he's got a young daughter) or friends of friends.

Whatever the case, Della Rosa was jailed for allegedly contributing to the delinquency of three fourteen-year-old girls via pervy Facebook messages, as well as a drunken, pukey hot tub party -- which he's said to have captured on video.

According to 9News, the investigation of Della Rosa got underway after the mom of one fourteen year old eyeballed sexually charged Facebook conversations between the deputy, age 52, and her daughter.

The station says many of the messages were too racy to broadcast, but it did share a couple of them: "I will have to lick you again," and "You little Vixon [sic], I knew I liked you for a reason."

And then there was a trip to the Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk, at which Della Rosa is said to have plied the teens with alcohol and taken footage of them in a hot tub, where one of them vomited.

Investigators have not yet found the footage.

As for those Facebook photos we mentioned earlier (update), we previously posted one cropped to protect the identities of those pictured -- but we have removed it at the request of one girl's mother.

At this point, Della Rosa has only been charged with providing the girls with alcohol, but the investigation is continuing. At last report, Della Rosa was behind bars in Gilpin County. His bond: $10,000.

Here's a larger look at Della Rosa's mug shot, followed by a 9News piece.

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