Pet Airways coming to Denver when pigs (and dogs) (and cats) fly

As if flying isn't already unpleasant enough, here's a new development to dread: Airlines are increasingly amenable to letting pets fly in the main cabin as opposed to the cargo area. Meanwhile, a new venture called Pet Airways, which will specialize in transporting Fido and Fluffy from point A to point B, is getting ready to launch its service next month in a handful of major U.S. metro areas, including Denver; a brief collected here identifies the landing spot of choice as Rocky Mountain Airport in Broomfield.

Why fly Pet Airways? Here's how the airline puts it:

Pets Fly in the main cabin Not in the cargo hold

A Trained Pet Attendant is always monitoring your pet.

We make sure there is plenty of fresh, cool air at all times.

Pets are never left unattended in a warehouse or on a ramp.

No need to buy a pet carrier, we provide it FREE of charge.

Peace of mind that your pet is in the hands of pet professionals.

If you're delayed don't worry; your pet is in good hands.

No hot or cold weather restrictions that prevent pets from flying.

Not enough reasons to book a ticket immediately? Here's more:

Drop your pet off at our Pet Lounge

Drop your pet off at our Pet Lounge, located at the airport. You must check in your pet no later than 2 hours before take off. If you choose, you may check in your pet up to 72 hours before the flight. We'll be happy to board your pet at our PAWS Lodge until the flight.

Potty Break less than 2 hours before flight

Potty Breaks are very important to your pet. With the human airlines, your pet could be made to hold themselves for a very very long time. Pet Airways monitors the last time your pet had a potty break, and makes sure that they get regular potty breaks along the way. This means that it may take us longer to get to where we are going, but the care of our pawsengers is our first priority.

Pets Board The Plane

Pets board the plane and our Pet Attendants make sure they're all comfortable and that they, and their pet carrier, are secure.

Pet Attendant looks after the pets during the flight

A Pet Attendant monitors and checks the comfort of all pawsengers every 15 minutes during the flight. After landing, pets will be disembarked, given a potty break, and will be available for pickup at the Pet Lounge.

Pick up your pet and enjoy your family vacation

Pick up your pet at the Pet Lounge at your destination, knowing he or she has traveled comfortably and safely in the main cabin of our plane. If you cannot pick up your pet that day, we will be happy to board your pet overnight at the PAWS Lodge.

If only we humans were treated as well....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.