Photos of Angie, documentary about the life and death of Angie Zapata, on Hulu

Photos of Angie, a documentary about the murder of transgender Greeley teen Angie Zapata, can now be viewed for free on the website Hulu. Made by local filmmaker Alan Dominguez of Loco Lane Films, the film features interviews with Angie's family and friends, gay-rights activists involved in the case, Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, as well as myself. I live-blogged the trial and wrote a story about the case, "Who was Angie Zapata?"

The Hulu release marks the first time the documentary will be available outside of film festivals. "It's a huge audience," Dominguez says of Hulu's reach. "It really is the largest streaming site, certainly in the U.S. if not the world. It's a way of broadcasting the story to as many people as it can possibly get to. That's very exciting."

Watch a trailer of the documentary below, and view the full film on Hulu.

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