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Photos: What Colorado and All 50 States Are Also Worst At

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Last month, we shared a list of what Colorado and all fifty states are worst at according to a popular poster on Motifake.com. Shortly thereafter, another site, ThrillList.com, came up with its own version, and wouldn't you know it: All of the selections are different with the exception of just four states -- Minnesota, Texas, California and (you guessed it) Colorado. So suck it, other 46 states: We're only bad at one thing!

Check out the complete photo-illustrated roster below, featuring the worsts according to both sites. To see the complete ThrillList item, click here.

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Montana ThrillList worst: Most traffic fatalities per capita

Motifake worst: Drunk driving

Alaska ThrillList worst: Highest chlamydia rate

Motifake worst: Suicide

Hawaii ThrillList worst: Highest homelessness rate

Motifake worst: Cost of living

Michigan ThrillList worst: Worst roads

Motifake worst: Unemployment

Maryland ThrillList worst: Worst at incarcerating the elderly

Motifake worst: AIDS

Illinois ThrillList worst: Most rail accidents

Motifake worst: Robbery

Connecticut ThrillList worst: Most unequal incomes

Motifake worst: Breast cancer

Maine ThrillList worst: Fewest heliports

Motifake worst: Dumbest state

Arkansas ThrillList worst: Fewest advanced degrees per capita

Motifake worst: Worst credit score

Oregon ThrillList worst: Most prescription painkiller abuse

Motifake worst: Homeless population

Continue to see what more states, including Colorado, are worst at. Minnesota ThrillList worst: Most tornadoes

Motifake worst: Tornadoes

New Hampshire ThrillList worst: Fewest inland waterways

Motifake worst: Corporate taxes

Delaware ThrillList worst: Least regular exercise

Motifake worst: Abortion

South Dakota ThrillList worst: Lowest-paid teachers

Motifake worst: Rape

New York ThrillList worst: Worst to be a taxpayer

Motifake worst: Daily commute

Georgia ThrillList worst: Least integrity

Motifake worst: Most sickly

Idaho ThrillList worst: Worst drivers

Motifake worst: Weakest government insurance

Indiana ThrillList worst: Most meth incidents

Motifake worst: Least green state

Kansas ThrillList worst: Ugliest scenery

Motifake worst: Poorest health

Continue to see what more states, including Colorado, are worst at. Kentucky ThrillList worst: Worst to be an animal

Motifake worst: Cancer deaths

Missouri ThrillList worst: Worst puppy mills

Motifake worst: Bankruptcy

Iowa ThrillList worst: Highest racial disparity in marijuana arrests

Motifake worst: Oldest state

Nebraska ThrillList worst: Least furniture manufacturing

Motifakek worst: Violence on females

Texas ThrillList worst: Fewest high school graduates per capita

Motifake worst: High school graduation

Rhode Island ThrillList worst: Highest teacher absenteeism

Motifake worst: Drug use

Wyoming ThrillList worst: Highest suicide rate

Motifake worst: Fatal car crashes

New Mexico ThrillList worst: Most accidental deaths

Motifake worst: Anti-social

North Carolina Teacher salary Oklahoma ThrillList worst: Lowest produce consumption

Motifake worst: Female criminals

Continue to see what more states, including Colorado, are worst at. Tennessee ThrillList worst: Most dangerous

Motifake worst: Corruption

Nevada ThrillList worst: Highest divorce rate

Motifake worst: Crime

Utah ThrillList worst: Nerdiest state

Motifake worst: Porn usage

Vermont ThrillList worst: Most illicit drug use

Motifake worst: Infertility

Washington ThrillList worst: Worst at loving Justin Bieber

Motifake worst: Bestiality

West Virginia ThrillList worst: Fewest college graduates per capita

Motifake worst: Heart attack

Pennsylvania ThrillList worst: Worst bridges

Motifake worst: Arson

Virginia ThrillList worst: Lowest oil production per capita

Motifake worst: Motorcycle deaths

Florida ThrillList worst: Most recreational boat accidents

Motifake worst: Identity theft

California ThrillList worst: Most polluted cities

Motifake worst: Air pollution

Continue to see what more states, including Colorado, are worst at. Wisconsin ThrillList worst: Highest incarceration rate of African Americans

Motifake worst: Binge drinking

South Carolina ThrillList worst: Most violent crime

Motifake worst: Most mobile homes

Alabama ThrillList worst: Most child smokers

Motifake worst: Stroke

Arizona ThrillList worst: Worst at going to the dentist

Motifake worst: Alcoholism

Ohio ThrillList worst: Worst water

Motifake worst: Nerdiest state

North Dakota ThrillList worst: Least visited

Motifake worst: Ugliest residents

Mississippi ThrillList worst: Shortest life expectancy

Motifake worst: Obesity

Louisiana ThrillList worst: Highest murder rate

Motifake worst: Gonorrhea

Massachusetts ThrillList worst: Worst at happy hour

Motifake worst: Worst drivers

New Jersey ThrillList worst: Worst for speeding tickets

Motifake worst: Taxes

Colorado ThrillList worst: Greatest cocaine use

Motifake worst: Cocaine usage

The Motifake poster:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.