Re-create 68 plans anti-war march and rally to recreate the "massive" 68 protesters that converged during the DNC

Glenn Spagnuolo and Mark Cohen -- they're baaaaaack.

Yes, the two local lefties behind Re-create 68 -- whose Weather Underground rhetoric and overblown protest predictions before the Democratic National Convention allowed the Denver Police Department to work itself into an orgy of security spending -- have re-emerged with something called the Denver Anti-War Network and plans to hold a march and rally downtown tomorrow.

Fellow activists respond: This again?

Spagnuolo and Cohen issued a press release earlier this week announcing a 4:30 p.m. rally tomorrow in front of the federal courthouse downtown:

October 7 marks the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan. While a new administration has taken office, the same old misguided policies of the "war on terror" continue, in Iraq as well as Afghanistan.

The duo will then lead a march to the convention center for the meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police to protest "criminal police actions at the G20 in Pittsburgh." They will then head over to the Mercury Café at 2199 California for a "Peace and Justice Jamboree," which will be MC'ed by Cohen and Spagnuolo, natch.

But it seems bitter memories of the shockingly low turnout for R-68-organized protests during the DNC linger among radical activists here. Here's one comment on a Denver Anti-War Network posting at the Colorado Indymedia website:

Great. More marching with Mark Cohen. That'll really change things. What, is the anti-Columbus alliance not packing them in these days? Or did Recreate 68 totally implode after its lame DNC actions? Giving the same old tired tactics a new name is really an awesome recruiting idea if you only want four people to show up to watch while you give interviews to Fox 31. Who's bringing the jergens and the tissue? Pathetic.

Ouch. Better make that Re-create 67.

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Jared Jacang Maher